Journal of the Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies, Vol.3, No.3 (1999) – Road and Physical Distribution

Title Author(s) page
(1) An Analysis of Seasonality and tong-Term Trend of t os Angeles Highway Traffic Volumes Geunyoung KIM, James E. MOOREII and Rong XU 1
(2) The Effects of PI Activities of the Road Council on Road Policies and People’s Responses Waka MAISUDA and Haruo ISHIDA 15
(3) Situation and Advancement of Highway Network Planning in Mainland China Wei ZHOU, Xiaoduan SUN, and Binggang WANG 31
(4) Development of 90kgiKw(150lbs/HP) Truck Climbing Performance Curve Kyungsoo YOO, Myungsoon CHANG, Youngchan SUH and Jaebum PARK 41
(5) The Development of National Road Network under Budget Constraint: A Case of Indonesia Danang PARIKESrT, Olly NOROJONO and Anggito ABIMANYU 57
(6) Development of Passenger Car Unit (PCU) Values for Malaysia S. ANAND, S.V.C. SEKHAR and Mohamed Rehan KARIM 73
(7) Using Multi- ObjectiveFvzy De Novo Programming and GIS in Highway Network Investment Planning Cheng-Min FENG and Jennifer Y.J. WU 81
(8) A Study on Assessment of Expressway Focussing on Link Design Tetsuji SAIO, Kazuhiko MAKIMURA and Yuichi MOHRI 91
(9) Evaluation of Geometric Design consistency Based on Available Sight Distance Seung Jun LEE, Dong Min LEE and Jaisung CHOI 105
(10) Multi-Objective Programming for Pavement Management using Genetic Algorithms Kh Zahidul HOQUE, Tien Fang FWA and Weng Tat CHANG 117
(11) Effects of State Factors on Elastic Parameters of Anisotropic Subgrade Soil Kemas Ahmad ZAMHARI 133
(12) Development of Asphalt Binder Specification Based on Dissipated Energy Jian-Shiuh CHEN and Charng-Jam TSAI 145
(13) Structural Study of Asphalt Concrete Overlays on the Existing Portland Cement Concrete Pavement Changshun HU and Dongwei CAO 159
(14) Characterization of Asphalt layer Modulus for Indonesian Temperature Conditions Bambang Sugeng SUBAGIO and A.E. Triyanto SOEDZATMIKO 173
(15) Evaluation of Pavement Performance on Taiwan Freeway’s Network Using Superpave System Jian-Neng WANG and Tsair-Y LUO 189
(16) The Application of GIS in CBD Parking Management Micheal James DUNN, Wen long YUE and Robert SHIELDS 205
(17) Simulation Model of Parking lot Choice Behavior and Parking Lot Strategies in CBD Hiroshi TATSUMI, TaKeshi CHISHAKI and YoshitaKa KAJITA 277
(18) Predicting the Probability of Parking Vehicle Based on Dynamic Simulation Sutanto SOEHODHO 233
(19) Repairing and Upgrading Project of Nguyen Van Troi Bridge in Da Nang City Gia l.lai DANG 247
(20) A New Meta-Heuristic Approach to the Fleet Size and Mix Vehicle Routing Problem Anthony Fu-Wha IIAN and Yuh-Jen CHO 255
(21) The Fleet Planning for Multi-Modal Express Services in Taiwan Cheng-Chang LIN and Shyue-Jih MA 271
(22) Concepts and Evaluation of City Logistics Initiatives by Dynamic Traffic Simulation Eiichi TANIGUCHI and Dai TAMAGAWA 287
(23) Regional Freight Transport Demand Modeling in the Java Island Ade SJAFRUDDIN, Renny Dwi ASTUTI and Russ Bona FRAZIL,A 303
(24) Analysis of the Characteristics and Directions of Loading in the Central Commercial Area in Pusan City Hun Young JUNG 315
(25) Estimating the Suitable Number, location and Scale of Urban Physical Distribution Facilities Jun T. CASTRO and Hirohito KUSE 327