International Research Group (IRG) is organized in order to activate international cooperative researches among the EASTS regular members. Research activities of IRG are expected to contribute to the progress of transportation researches in eastern Asia and also the promotion of EASTS.
Now, several IRGs are conducting projected research respectively.
EASTS expects EASTS regular member to establish a new IRG. If you are interested in organizing a new IRG, please submit designated application form to the Secretary-General of EASTS in time for annual EASTS Board meeting.

 Advantages of IRG
1) IRG can utilize the EASTS official website and mailing list to announce its activities to the members of EASTS.
2) IRG can utilize the EASTS sponsorship.
3) IRG has a high possibility to hold a special technical session at biennial EASTS conferences.
4) IRG is eligible for the ICRA research grant (
5) IRG members can receive the financial support of the Article Publishing Charge of the article published in the Asian Transport Studies. See EASTS’ Financial Support Scheme<>

 Expectations of IRG
1) IRG is expected to hold seminars and symposia as a part of EASTS activities.
2) IRG is expected to invite and activate young researchers.
3) IRG is expected to apply for research grant other than ICRA.

 Requirements of IRG
1) Representative of the IRG must be an EASTS regular member who is selected by the respective domestic society.
2) At least three members of the IRG must be EASTS regular members belonging to each different domestic society as a general rule. However, only this year, “three members” can be eased to “two members” as an exception.
3) IRG is required to achieve its original research plan within five years.
4) IRG is required to submit the annual activity report to the Board of EASTS.
5) IRG is required to submit the summary report to the Board of EASTS in time with the end of research period.

 Points of Evaluation
Positive Evaluation

  • Title of IRG is clear.
  • Purpose and mission are well defined.
  • Research plan is appropriate.
  • Research members are sufficient for the research purpose and plan.
  • Contribution to small domestic societies is well considered.
  • Development of young researchers is considered.
  • Amount of research funds is reasonable.
  • Source of research funds is well considered.

 Application for a new IRG
Now, the secretariat of EASTS would like to accept application for organizing a new IRG. Please complete the designated application form and send it to the following e-mail address:

irg-icra[at] (please change [at] to @ when you send e-mail).

> Application form is HERE (DOCX, 27kb).

 Support for member recruitment
It is not easy work to assemble the appropriate research members at the proposal preparation stage of a new IRG. To reduce this difficulty in member recruitment, the secretariat of EASTS will offer its support to recruit research members for your proposed IRG.
When you utilize the EASTS support for member recruitment, please contact EASTS secretariat to the following e-mail address:

irg-icra[at] (please change [at] to @ when you send e-mail).

The secretariat of EASTS will disseminates the information about the member recruitment to EASTS regular members and other interested persons by e-mail and announcement on EASTS website.

 Procedure of the approval of new IRG
Following flow chart describes the procedure of the approval of new IRG

Figure The procedure of the approval of new IRG

 Important date

Call for proposal July 10, 2023
Deadline of Submission of Applications August 15, 2023
Approval of the Applications at the Board meeting September 3, 2023
Notification of Acceptance of new IRG within a week after the board meeting above

 Contact us
Division of Research Support Service of EASTS Secretariat
irg-icra[at] (please change [at] to @ when you send e-mail).