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EASTS IRG List (as of 29 Aug. 2023)

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IRG Code Name of IRG Status
IRG-47-2022 Theory-based development, implementation and evaluation of an innovative educational platform to enhance traffic safety for school-going children in Asian context Ongoing
IRG-46-2022 Walkability transitions towards healthier and more active transport environments Ongoing
IRG-45-2022 EASTS-International Research Group on Transport for Major Events Ongoing
IRG-44-2021 Rising of road safety issues in three Asian countries (Pakistan, India and Sri Lanka) due to urban transportation and its comparison with UK Ongoing
IRG-43-2021 Investigating Accessibility of Indigenous Heritage and Historic Places Ongoing
IRG-42-2020 Guidelines for implementing bus priority measures in Asian Cities: A simulation based approach Ongoing
IRG-41-2020 International Research Group on good practices design
guidelines for Traffic calming devices adopted in Eastern Asian countries
IRG-40-2019 PPP Railway Projects and TOD in Asian Countries Ongoing
IRG-39-2019 Challenges of Mobile Ride-Hailing Applications in Asian Countries: Their Impacts on Local Transportation Market Ongoing
IRG-38-2019 Vulnerability Assessment of Transport Systems due to Flooding in Selected Asian Cities Ongoing
IRG-37-2018 Freight System Supply Chain Resilience and Productivity Transformation in Locations Subject to Climate and Natural Disasters Ongoing
IRG-36-2018 Impact of e-Richshaws on Traffic Stream Speed and Safety of Urban Roads Ongoing
IRG-35-2018 Shared Space Design and Modeling: Case Studies in Asian Cities Ongoing
IRG-34-2018 Motorcycle Traffic and Safety Ongoing
Fuel Economy and Clean Fuels and Vehicles Ongoing
Logistics network and variety in Asian context: Globalization and localization Ongoing
Better mobility in new town: Preparing for self-contained neighborhood in Asia Ongoing
Entry point of mobility management measures in Asia Ongoing
IRG-29-2016 Gender and Transport Nexus: Achieving A More Equitable and Inclusive Society Completed in 2019
Motorcycle, motor scooter, motorbike ownership and use in South East Asia city Completed in 2019
Research on Promoting Sustainable Rural Area Development through Roadside Station Completed in 2019
Institutions- for Railway Development in Asian Cities (IRDAC) Completed in 2019
Mobile Millennium Asia: Mobile Productivity and Utility Tools for Inclusive Urban Mobility Completed in 2018
Viability of Public Transport Harmonizing System with Para-Transit Modes Completed in 2018
International Comparative Research on Value of Travel Time in Asia Competed in 2018
Integrated sign systems for non-motorized transport and transit users Competed in 2018
Comparative Study on Quality Management for Public Transport Systems in Asian Cities (QM4PTA) Competed in 2018
Developing Safe and Green Urban Corridors in Asian Cities Completed in 2015
International Comparison Study on Alternative Fuels and Vehicles in East Asia Completed in 2014
Strategies for a Sustainable Transportation Path for Small- and Medium-sized Cities in East Asia Competed in 2017
Logistics in Asia: Interdependent Supply Chain and Advancement of Intelligent Management Competed in 2016
Intercity Transport in Asian Countries (ITAC) Completed in 2014
Sustainable Transport Futures for Cities in Asia and the Pacific Completed in 2014
Platform for Transport and Environmental Information (PTEI) Completed in 2013
Improving a tour travel demand forecasting method for Asian countries Completed in 2012
PRivate Sector Initiatives for ProMoting Road Development in East Asian Countries (PRIME Project) Completed in 2011
Research on the Flow of International Air Cargo in East Asian Region Completed in 2009
Sustainable Neighborhood Transportation to Improve the Quality of Life in Developing Cities Completed in 2013
Economic Instruments in Sustainable Transport of Asia Cities (EISTAC) Completed in 2010
Research on the Control Mechanism and Simulation of Safety Conditions of Perishable Foods Transportation and Logistics Completed in 2010
Risk Management of Transport and Logistics for Natural Disasters and Mega Events Completed in 2009
Building ITS Development Scheme in Asian Context Completed in 2007
Culturally Sensitive Pedestrian-centric Philosophy to Advancement of Urban Form in East Asia Completed in 2013
Scale Free Characteristics of the Traffic Network (SCAFT) Completed in 2013
Dynamics of Poly-centric Employment Formation in East and Southeast Asian Cities Completed in 2007
International, Inter-regional, and City Logistics Research Group in Wide Variety of Asian Region Completed in 2011
Sustainable Transport for East Asian Megacities (STREAM) Competed in 2007