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Research on the Flow of International Air Cargo in East Asian Region
Status Completed in 2009
Representative Member Dr. Shigeru MORICHI, Institute for Transport Policy Studies (ITPS)
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Paper, Report and Book
  • Seock-Jin Hong and Anming Zhang (Confirmed with minor revisions) , “An Efficiency Study of Airlines and Air Cargo/Passenger Divisions: A DEA Approach”, World Review of Intermodal Transportation Research


  • Jian Li and Seock-Jin Hong (2007), “Towards a New Model of Supply Chain Risk Management: the Cross-Functional Process Mapping Approach”, International Journal Electronic Customer Relationship
  • Seock-Jin Hong and Jae-Hwan Lee (2007), “A Study of Measuring Service Quality in Incheon International Airport Focusing on the Passenger Terminal” Journal of Korean Society of Transportation


  • Seock-Jin Hong and Il-Soo Jun (2006), “An Evaluation of service Quality Priorities between Air Cargo Service Providers and Customer, World Review of Intermodal Transportation Research
  • Taekyu KIM (2006), “Research on development of logistics hub at international airport”, Journal of Japan Society of Transportation Economics

(Before 2006)

  • Seock-Jin Hong (2003), “New Landing Charge Scheme and Factors to consider an Airport Charge”, The Korean Transport Policy Review
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