The Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies (EASTS) is offering research grant to a group of researchers involved in transportation and related fields under International Cooperative Research Activity (ICRA) scheme. The purpose of ICRA is to promote research activities of EASTS by encouraging international cooperative research.

[Qualifications/ Eligibility]
Only IRG which has at least one term record can apply for ICRA Grant. “Term” means the interval between the annual Board Meetings, so the current eight IRGs have eligibilities.

*NOTE: IRG is a research group approved by EASTS Board to conduct international cooperative researches. It is expected that IRG holds seminar / symposium as part of EASTS activities, and that IRG activates and invites young researchers of EASTS. Meanwhile, IRG is encouraged to apply for funding sources and to coordinate with other organizations.
(please see the IRG website).

[Types of Grant]
Two types of grant are offered to create a balance between EASTS’s research activities and EASTS’s public relations. One is ICRA-A for incubating research and the other is ICRA-B for publicity of achievement.
IRG can apply for both types of grants but the priority for either type of grant must be indicated.
Research period and maximum amount of grant are as follows:

Type of grant Research period Maximum amount of grant
(ICRA for incubating research)
2 years JPY 1,000,000 for two years
(ICRA for publicity of achievement)
1 year JPY 500,000 for one year

Based on the amount of budget funded by EASTS-Japan, the maximum number of grants to be awarded is one (1) for ICRA-A and two (2) for ICRA-B.

Grantees have an obligation to hold a special session in EASTS conference.

In addition, grantees of ICRA-A must submit summary report of research activities at the end of research period, and grantees of ICRA-B must submit summary report of publicities activities at the end of research period.

[Selection Criteria]
Applications for ICRA are evaluated based on the following criteria: “Internationality”, “Academic/Practical Novelty”, “Usefulness” and “Prospect”, “Past Achievements”, “Validity of Expense”, and “Feasibility”. ICRA-A and ICRA-B applications are evaluated from different perspectives by the ICRA Selection Committee organized by EASTS-Japan.

[Application form]
The application form will be sent to the representatives of IRG every year.

[Contact address]
Office of the EASTS Secretary General
c/o Japan Transport and Tourism Research Institute
3-18-19, Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo, #105-0001, JAPAN
Phone: +(81)-3-5470-8405, Facsimile: +(81)-3-5470-8401
e-mail: easts[at]easts.info