10th Anniversary symposium of EASTS was held in Tokyo on 15 October, 2004.
It was successful event for EASTS.

Regular member of EASTS can download the briefing papers and share knowledge.
The final program of the symposium is as seen below.

1) 13:00-13:05 Opening Remarks by Nguyen Xuan Dao, Vice-President of EASTS

2) 13:05-13:25 10 years Activity of EASTS (23M) by Tetsuo Yai, Secretary General of EASTS

13:25-13:45 Scientific Progress of Transportation Studies (6M) by Keiichi Satoh, Chair of International Scientific Committee

4)13:45-14:25 Keynote Lecture (4M) : Shigeru Morichi, President of EASTS

5) 14:40-16:00 Report: Transportation Progress in Asian Countries/Regions
Yordphol Tanaboriboon (64M) 
Mohamed Rehan Karim (23M)
Bambang Susantono (17M)
Nguyen Xuan Dao (4M)

6)16:00-17:20 Panel Discussion: Theme: “10 Years Progress in Eastern Asia and Future Direction”
-Michael A.P.Taylor 

Cheng-Min Feng 

Chris Kissling 

Kyung-Soo Chon (2M) 

7) 17:20-17:30 Closing Remarks: Haruo Ishida 

Scene of symposium