The Board of Directors shall have general supervision and control of the business and affairs of the society. The Board is composed of one representative from each country/area as the society(ies) in that country/area; three to five Directors-at-large elected by Representative and/or Regular Members (officers). The Directors-at-large hold office for a period of four (4) years, coinciding with the term of office of the officers of the Society, or until such time as their duly elected successors have qualified.

>>Board Meeting
The regular meeting of the Board is held every year. One will be held during the regular biannual Conference, and the other will be held in Tokyo during the year when there is no regular Conference, or at such other times and places as the Board may determine. Meanwhile, a special meeting of the Board shall be held whenever called by the President or on written call of a majority of the Directors.

Highlight of recent Board Meetings

List of Board of Directors  (As of September 27, 2022)

Title Name
President Jaehak OH(Korea)
1st Vice-President
2nd Vice-President Mohamed Rehan KARIM (Malaysia)
Secretary General Tetsuro HYODO (Japan)
Treasurer Shinya HANAOKA (Japan)
ISC Chairperson Yu-Chium CHIOU (Taiwan)
Representative from Each
Member Domestic Society
Li MENG (Australia)
Chhouk Chhay HORNG (Cambodia)
Derong WANG (China)
S. C. WONG (Hong Kong)
Andyka KUSUMA (Indonesia)
Akimasa FUJIWARA (Japan)
Seonha LEE (Korea)
Chanthavangso OUDOMDETH (Lao PDR)
Asralt BUYANTSOGT (Mongolia)
Khin Than YU (Myanmar)
Padma Bahadur SHAHI (Nepal)
Jean-Paul THULL (New Zealand)
Ricardo G. SIGUA (Philippines)
Qiang MENG (Singapore)
Tissa LIYANAGE (Sri Lanka)
Pichai Taneerananon (Thailand)
Tran Tuan HIEP (Vietnam)
Naohisa OKAMOTO (Japan)
Kyung Soo CHON (Korea)
Hee Cheol SHIN (Korea)


Ex-Officio Members

President Emeritus Hideo NAKAMURA (Japan)
Former President Primitivo C. CAL (Phillipines)
Shigeru MORICHI (Japan)
Kyung Soo CHON (Korea)
Cheng-Min FENG (Taiwan)
Tetsuo YAI (JAPAN)


ATS editor-in-chief Hironori KATO (Japan)
ISC vice chair Jen-Jia LIN (Taiwan)



The Scientific Committee assists the Directorate of the Conference, and ensures a high level of scientific quality of the Conference, among others, with the call for papers, invited papers, the selection of contributions to be presented and contributions to be published, and the recommendation of the candidates for awards and recognition.The Scientific Committee consists of a chair, an appropriate number of session organizers.The Chair of the Scientific Committee shall manage the whole organization of the Conference in terms of its scientific aspects such as, coordinating session organizers of the Conference, and reporting to the Board the program of its activities.

 Strategies 2007 of EASTS-ISC

>> Website of EASTS ISC



The Conference Committee provides overall directions and guidance, and decides on the general program structure of the regular Conference in cooperation with the International Scientific Committee.


SECRETARIAT (as of 1 September, 2019)


Secretary General Tetsuro HYODO Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology
Deputy Secretary General Shintaro TERABE Tokyo University of Science
Department for Research Naohiko HIBINO National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies
Department for General Affairs Naohisa OKAMOTO University of Tsukuba
Department for Public Relations Daisuke FUKUDAU niversity of Tokyo
Department for Membership Takeshi KURIHARA Toyo University
Department for Financial Support Terumitsu HIRATA Ibaraki University
Department for External Affairs Shinya HANAOKA Tokyo Institute of Technology
Secretary Noriko YOSHIDA Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology


PHUN Veng Kheang Institute of Technology of Cambodia
Karl N. VERGEL University of the Philippines Diliman
Taro ARATANI National Maritime Research Institute
SunKyung CHOI Tokyo Institute of Technology
Mio SUZUKI Tokai University
Naoyuki TOMARI Tohoku Institute of Technology
Hirokazu MATSUMOTO Regional Futures Research Center
Tomoya KAWASAKI University of Tokyo
Takanori SAKAI Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology