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Name of IRG
Vulnerability Assessment of Transport Systems due to Flooding in Selected Asian Cities
Status Ongoing
Representative Member Prof. Dr. Atsushi FUKUDA, Nihon University
Mr. Hiroki KIKUCHI, Nihon University
Mr. Noriyasu TSUMITA, Nihon University
Contact Person
Prof. Dr. Alexis M. FILLONE, De La Salle University
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Paper, Report and Book EASTS-IRG38_Webinar Program_ver1.7_29Mar2021.pdf

Research Papers of EASTS IRG-38

  1. Noriyasu Tsumita, Hiroki Kikuchi, Atsushi Fukuda, Sittha Jaensirisak (2019): Evaluation of adaptation measures on transport sector for mitigation of road network damages in Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand, The 1st International Conference of Construction, Infrastructure and Materials.
  2. Noriyasu Tsumita, Hiroki Kikuchi, Atsushi Fukuda (2019): Impact of Adaptation Measure for Disruption of Road Network under Urban Floods in Developing Country, The 12th ATRANS Annual Conference.
  3. Hiroki Kikuchi, Noriyasu Tsumita, Atsushi Fukuda, Sittha Jaensirisak (2019): Impact of Implementation Adaptation Policy for Urban Flood Disaster in Developing Cities: A Case of Application and Simulation Using a Dynamic Model, 2019 International Conference of Asia-Pacific Planning Societies.
  4. Hiroki Kikuchi, Noriyasu Tsumita, Atsushi Fukuda, Sittha Jaensirisak (2019): Impacts of Transport and Land-Use Adaptation Policies on Flood Risk in Middle-sized City Analysed by System Dynamics Model: A Case Study of Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand, Journal of Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies, Vol.13, 2487-2505, 2019.
  5. Noriyasu Tsumita, Alexis Fillone, Anabel Abuzo, Avalyn Cahulogan, Atsushi Fukuda (2020): Relocation Behavior of Residents due to Flooding in Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines, 日本環境共生学会第23回学術大会.
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