Journal of the Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies, Vol.3, No.4 (1999) – Land-use, Project Evaluation and Financing

Title Author(s) page
(1) Attitudes on Public Involvement in Transportation planning process: Comparison between Citizens of the United States and Japan Shintaro TERABE and Tetsuo YAI 1
(2) Study on Transport Investment in Bangkok Metropolitan Region during the 8th National Economic and Social Development plan (1997-2001) Wiroj RUJOPAKARN 7
(3) Urban Travel Characteristics and Transport Planning in Regional Cities of Northem Thailand Rungsun UDOMSRI 23
(4) Role of Infrastructure Investment in Regional Growth : A Dynamic Simulation Approach Surya Raj ACHARYA, Shigeru MORICHI and Tsuneaki YOSHIDA 39
(5) Health Care Facilities [ocation Model .vith Genetic Algorithm Fauzy AMMARI and Toshihiko MIYAGI 55
(6) A Land Use-Network Design Model to Generate Altemative Sketch Maps for Urban Planning Cheng-Min FENG and Jen-Jia LIN 71
(7) On Regularization Methods for Regression Analysis in the Presence of Spatially Correlated Enors : Application to Hedonic Regression of land price Morito TSUTSUMI, Eihan SHIMIZU, Hiroshi IDE and Jun-ya FUKUMOTO 87
(8) Developing a GIS Tool to Estimate Small Zonal Population for [and-Use and Transportation Models Zhong-Zhen YANG 97
(9) Shopping Centers in Metro Manila and Necessity for Traffic Impact Study Hilario Sean PALMIANO, Takeshi KUROKAWA and Ricardo SIGUA 107
(10) Management of Urban Form for Transportation Environment -Gasoline Consumption of High Density Cities and Their Factors- Mamoru TANIGUCHI 123
(11) A tocation Control Model for Transit Oriented Development Yuichiro KANEKO and Atsushi FUKUDA 137
(12) A Spatial Analysis of External Economies and its Association with Transportation Infrastructure: The Case of Sendai City Antonio PAEZ, Takashi UCHIDA and Kazuaki MIYAMOTO 149
(13) Population Distribution Change due to the Shinkansen project in Japan Eiji OHNO 165
(14) Cross Subsidy Policy for Transportation Infrastructure Investment Shigeru MORICHI, Hiroshi SHINOHARA and Surya Raj ACHARYA 181
(15) Generational Accounting for the Development of Urban Rail Transit Systems Keiichi KIfADUME, Atsushi SUZUKI and Kazuaki MIYAMOTO 197
(16) Effects of Congestion Pricing at the Namsan Tunnels in Seoul Keeyeon HWANG, Bongsoo SON and jin Ki EOM 209
(17) Willingness-to-Pay Attitude of Car Users on Toll Charges Ramie BOYSLLO-DOROY and Olegario G. MLI-.ORLA, Jr. 221
(18) Road Network Improvement and Regional Cooperation Effects Masuo KASHIWADANI, Yasuo ASAKURA and Masakazu UNO 237
(19) Infening the Value of Walking Time from Parking Rent Gradient Yong Nam SONG 253
(20) Post-Evaluation of the Impact of Infrastructure Improvement on Regional Welfare Disparity: Japanese Experience after World War II Jyun-ya zuKUMOTO, Daisuke HAMASU and Eihan SHIMIZU 261
(21) Modeling of Investment Behavior of Urban Railway Operators under Social Pressure Minimization Scheme Toshiyuki OKAMURA and Hitoshi IEDA 277
(22) An Evaluation of Japan’s Financial Systems for Road Construction -Considering Their Contribution to Economic Growth- Tadashi ITOH, Yoshitaka AOYAMA, Dai NAKAGAWA and Ryoji MArSUNAKA 291
(23) Post Evaluation of the Investment for Increasing Commuter TransPort Capacity in Tokyo Metropolitan Area Yoshimasa TADENUMA 307
(24) A Study of Game Theoretic Analysis of Formed Agreement Cost Allocation Model Hideki zuJIMURA, Shoshi MIZOKAMI and Ryuji KAKIMOTO 323
(25) Risk Identification and Measurement of BOT Projects Cheng-Min FENG and Chao-Chung KANG 337
(26) Introducing Methods for Social Infrastructure Improvement Using PFI in Japan Kunio YASUI and KiYoshi SAITO 351
(27)Pivatization of Transport Infrastructure for Fighting the Economic War in Thailand Samart RAICHAPOTSITTE 363