Call for new applications of EASTS-IRG proposals

Dear Regular Members of EASTS, On behalf of EASTS board members, we really appreciate your continuing contribution to EASTS. As you may know, many regular members have formed International Resaerch Groups (IRG). They are actively conducting cooperative researches under various research topics (see Today, we are pleased to call for new applications of EASTS-IRG proposals. […]

Online Publication of Journal of the EASTS 2017 has been completed

Dear EASTS members, We very much appreciate your kind support and enthusiasm for the EASTS 2017. Also, thank you for the patience to the delayed publication of Journal of the EASTS 2017 due to final proof and technical check. It is our magnificent pleasure to inform you the publication of Journal of the EASTS 2017 as of on April 25th in the following site: Thank you again for your participation and contribution for the EASTS 2017 Conference in HCMC, Vietnam. And, we would kindly ask you to participate in the EASTS 2019 Conference in Sri Lanka. Best regards, Jaehak Oh, ISC Chair of EASTS 2017 President of Korea Transport Institute