Call for new applications of EASTS-IRG proposals

Dear Regular Members of EASTS,

On behalf of EASTS board members, we really appreciate your continuing contribution to EASTS.
As you may know, many regular members have formed International Resaerch Groups (IRG).
They are actively conducting cooperative researches under various research topics (see

Today, we are pleased to call for new applications of EASTS-IRG proposals.
If you are interested in starting a new EASTS-IRG, please complete the “Application Form of EASTS IRG,” and send the application to “E-mail:“.

The application deadline is June 7th, 2018. For more information, refer to EASTS website:

The board members will review the submitted IRG applications and will decide on successful application(s) during the next EASTS board meeting in June 29th, 2018 at Ulaanbaatar.

Please note that, EASTS-IRG has been established to expand and strengthen the networking among the EASTS members.
With this regard, the new EASTS-IRG must include at least three EASTS regular members from different domestic societies.

Since it might not be easy to assemble appropriate research members at the proposal preparation stage for a new IRG, the secretariat of EASTS will support you to recruit research members for your proposed IRG.
If you need this support, please contact the EASTS secretariat by e-mail:

Good luck with your new EASTS-IRG proposal!


Departement for Research – EASTS SEC
Shinataro TERABE and PHUN Veng Kheang