Conference Overview

The Conference Committee and the Local Organizing Committee in Taiwan did an excellent arrangement to attain the success of the Conference. The Conference provided all participants with great oportunities to enrich their professional knowledge and to experience wonderful culture in Taiwan.The 10th EASTS Conference was held in the Chang Yung-fa Foundation building, Taipei, Taiwan from 9 to 12 September, 2013. The Conference on the theme of “Towards a Harmonized Transportation Society” attracted 892 participants including 219 students and had 401 oral and 99 poster presentations covering all fields of transportation studies.

For detail about academic and practical papers, please see the website of International Scientific Committee (ISC).

Keynote Speeches

  • Keynote Speech 1
    “Challenges and Suggestions to Transportation Professionals in Asia”
    by Prof. Gang-Len CHANG (University of Maryland, College Park)
  • Keynote Speech 2
    “Highway Safety, Social Equity and Environmental Sustainability: The Conflicting Objectives”
    by Prof. Fred MANNERING (Purdue University)
  • Keynote Speech 3
    “Public Transportation Development in Taiwan”
    by Dr. Chi-Kuo MAO (Vice Premier, Executive Yuan)

Special Sessions & Panel Discussions

  • Special Session 1
    International comparison on High-Speed Railway Station Area Development – Japan, Taiwan and Korea
  • Special Session 2
    SIG 1, 7 & 11, WCTRS (World Conference on Transport Research): Transportation at Natural Disaster and Emergency in Eastern Asia
  • Panel Discussion 1
    User-oriented Transportation Services for a Livable City
  • Panel Discussion 2
    The Way Forward of EASTS: Increasing the journal quality
  • IRG10: Sustainable Neighborhood Transportation to Improve the Quality of Life in Developing Cities
  • IRG15: Sustainable Transport Futures for Cities in Asia and the Pacific: Trends and Prospects of Indigenous Transport in Climate Change Adaptation
  • IRG16: Intercity Transport in Asian Countries (ITAC)
  • IRG17: Logistics in Asia: Interdependent Supply Chain and Advancement of Intelligent Management
  • IRG18: Strategies for a Sustainable Transortation Path for Small and Medium sized Cities in East Asia
  • IRG19: International Comparison Study on Alternative Fuels and Vehicles in East Asia

Representative Assembly and Board Meetings

One Representative Assembly and three Board Meetings were held during the Conference.

Main agendas were follows:

  • At the Representative Assembly Meeting, it has been approved that the number of “Directors-at-Large” is changed from 3 to 3-5.
  • The Board of Directors approved “Society of Transport Engineers, Nepal (SOTEN)” as a new Member Domestic Society of Nepal. We are truly pleased to welcome.
  • New IRGs were approved.
  • A Special Research Project between KOTI-EASTS has started. The theme is “International Comparison on High-Speed Railway Impacts and Station Area Development – Japan, Taiwan and Korea”. As the first event, a Special Session (1) was held in this conference.
  • Memorandum of Agreement on co-hosting the EASTS 2013 Conference was signed by CIT (Chinese Institute of Transportation, Taiwan) and EASTS. The CIT will provide financial support of USD 30,000 to EASTS in 2013. The EASTS will utilize the financial support from the CIT to all of the activities of the EASTS.
  • The EASTS has begun preparing to hold EASTS 20th Anniversary events.

Technical Tour

  • Route 1: Taipei City Traffic Information Center (Venue: Taipei City Traffic Information Center, Taipei Bus Station, TRTC Operation Control Center)
  • Route 2: Taipei Mass Rapid Transit Construction Site (Venue: San-Chung MRT construction site)
  • Route 3: Taipei Mass Rapid Transit Depot (Venue: Rolling Stock Plant, Track Maintenance Plant, Interactive Emergency Evacuation Exhibition Center)
  • Route 4: Taipei Maokong Gondola (Venue: Taipei Maokong Gondola)


Best Paper Award

[Yasoshima Yoshinosuke Prize] (Best of Best Papers Awards)

  • “Design of Transportation Service Auction under Time-cost Environment”
    by Suthatip PUEBOOBPAPHAN and Nakorn INDRA-PRAYOONG (Burapha University, Thailand)

[Best Paper Award]

  • For Enlightening Asia-specific Topics
    “A Study on the Use of Smartphones for Road Roughness Condition Estimation”
    by Viengnam DOUANGPHACHANH and Hiroyuki ONEYAMA (Tokyo Metropoiltan University, Japan)
  • For Discovering Interesting Facts
    “Upward Safety Communication and Safety Behavior of Cabin Crew”
    by Ching-Fu CHEN and Shu-Chuan CHEN (Aletheia University, Taiwan)
  • For Technological Innovation
    “A Numerical Study on the Influence of Aggregate Size on Skid Resistance Performance of Porous Pavements”
    by Lei ZHANG, Ghim Ping ONG and Tien Fang FWA (National University of Singapore, Singapore
  • For Institutional Innovation
    “Cross-sector Transportation Authority for Jakarta Metropolitan Area”
    by Hirohisa KAWAGUCHI (Oriental Consultants Co., Ltd., Japan), Keigo HAMADA (Kobe City Urban Dev. Corp., Japan), Tomokazu WACHI (Oriental Consultants Co., Ltd., Japan), Osamu ABE (Value Planning International, Inc., Japan), Sadayuki YAGI (Japan Research Ins., Japan) and A. ALDIAN (The World Bank, Indonesia)
  • For Theoretical Development
    “Possibility of Crosswalk Design Independent from Signals at Basic Road Sections”
    by Akihiro TANAKA and Kiichiro HATOYAMA (The University of Tokyo, Japan)
  • For Methodological Development
    “Analyses of Route Choice and Route Switching Behavior Using Panel ETC Data from Tokyo Metropolitan Expressway”
    by Tawin TIRATANAPAKHOM, Takashi OGUCHI, Shinji TANAKA, Sungjoon HONG and Hiroshi WARITA (The University of Tokyo, Japan)
    “Smile and Behavior – New Evaluation Method for Pedestrian Environment”
    by Aya KOJIMA, Taichi FUDAMOTO, Miho OKUMA and Hisashi KUBOTA (Saitama University, Japan)
  • For Difficult Research Accumulations
    “Introducing High Speed Rail (HSR) System in Developing Asia: Issues and Prospects”
    by Surya Raj ACHARYA and Shigeru MORICHI (Institute for Transport Policy Studies, Japan)

*Awarding and ATS (sub-)Committee is in the International Scientific Committee (ISC).

Outstanding Presentation Award

[Best Oral Presentation]

  • Donyarit SETTASUWACHA (Prince of Songkla University)
  • Winnie Wing Yee LAM (The University of Hong Kong)
  • Sathita MALAITHAM (Kyoto University)
  • Hyungjoo KIM (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)
  • Sandy Mae GASPAY (The University of Tokyo)

[Best Poster Presentation]

  • Nan KANG (Nagoya University)

Outstanding Transportation Project Award (OTPA)

Category: Construction Project

  • No project is awarded.

Category: Planning Project

  • Fun Travel in Taipei – An Innovative Advanced Traveler Information Service, TaiwanKey Merits:
    •Social and Transportation Impacts
    – To increase the utilization of public transportation.
    – The highest number of monthly inquiries was 614,300,000 times.
    •Method/Technology of Project
    – It provides multiple versions such as iOS, Android, Windows Phone 7 and Windows Mobile versions
    •Financing and Management
    – It successfully integrates all of Taipei City’s information
    – Sharing of various public transport & traffic information into one smartphone application

(More information)

Best Domestic Society Award

  • Transport Studies Society of Vietnam (TSSV)

(More information)

IRG (International Research Group)

New IRGs4 IRGs were completed in 2013 and 6 IRGs are ongoing. Furthermore new 5 IRGs were approved by the Board Meeting (see below). At the present stage, over 120 EASTS members are joining IRG activities.

(More information)

Selection of the Research for ICRA

(More information)

New Officers & Committee Chairs for the Next Two Years

– Board of Directors (Red: New)

President Cheng-Min FENG (Taiwan)
1st-Vice President Pichai TANEERANANON (Thailand)
2nd-Vice President Reynaldo B. VEA (Philippines, 2014.1-)
Hussein LIDASAN (Philippines, -2014.1)
Treasurer Tetsuro HYODO (Japan)
ISC Chairperson Akimasa FUJIWARA (Japan)
Secretary General Tetsuo YAI (Japan)
Representative from Each
Member Domestic Society
Wen Long YUE (Australia)
Chhouk Chhay HORNG (Cambodia)
Derong WANG (China)
William H.K. LAM (Hong Kong)
Danang PARIKESIT (Indonesia)
Haruo ISHIDA (Japan)
Ki-Hyuk KIM (Korea)
Bounleuam SISOULATH (Lao PDR)
Mohamed Rehan KARIM (Malaysia)
Asralt BUYANTSOGT (Mongolia)
Khin Than YU (Myanmar)
Lal Krishna KC (Nepal)
Jean-Paul THULL(New Zealand)
Tien Fang FWA (Singapore)
Hsin-Li CHANG (Taiwan)
Tran Tuan HIEP (Vietnam)
Directors-at-Large Hitoshi IEDA (Japan)
Kyung Soo CHON(Korea)
S.K. Jason CHANG (Taiwan)
Gyeng Chul KIM (Korea, KOTI)
Ex-Officio Members
President Emeritus Hideo NAKAMURA (Japan)
Former Presidents Primitivo C. CAL (Philippines)
Shigeru MORICHI (Japan)
Kyung Soo CHON (Korea)

– Committee Chairs (Red: New)

Committee Chair
Outstanding Transportation Project Award Mohamed Rehan KARIM
Best Domestic Society Award Danang PARIKESIT
Membership Committee Jason CHANG and
Derong WANG
Best Presentation Award Wen Long YUE
ICRA Selection Haruo ISHIDA

Venue of the Next Conference (2015)

The 11th Conference will be held in Cebu, Philippines in 2015. TSSP (Transportation Science Society of the Philippines) will host it.

EASTS Secretariat

Reported on 25 September 2013 by Naoyuki Tomari (EASTS Secretariat) with support of Naohisa Okamoto (EASTS Secretariat).