For detailed information about each Domestic Society, please see; 
Report of EASTS Domestic Society (2015-2016)
(reported at Board Meeting in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam on September, 2016) 

(As of 12 July 2017)

Country/Region Domestic Society Contact Person for Membership
(*please change [at] to @)
Australia Transport Australia Society Name: Dr. Li MENG
E-mail: University of South Australia
Cambodia Cambodia Society for Transportation Studies Name: Dr. Lim Iv
E-mail: limiv001[at]
China the Institute of ZJX Logistics of Beijing Name: Prof. Wang Derong
E-mail: Both wdrccta[at] and easts_china[at]
Hong Kong Hong Kong Society for Transportation Studies Name: Ms. Connie F.Y. Lam
E-mail: fyc.lam[at]
Indonesia Indonesia Transportation Society Name: Ms. Ellen S W Tangkudung
E-mail: sekretariat[at]
Japan EASTS-Japan Name: Dr. Takeshi Kurihara
E-mail: membership_japan[at]
Korea Korean Society of Transportation Name: Dr. KWON, Young-In
E-mail: ykwon[at]
Lao PDR Lao – EASTS Name: Mr. Sengsavang Phandanouvong
E-mail: sphandanouvong[at]
Malaysia Transportation Science Society of Malaysia Name: Prof. Mohamed Rehan Karim
E-mail: rehan[at]
Mongolia Mongolian Transport Research Society Name: Prof. Asralt Buyantsogt
E-mail: asralt[at]
Myanmar Committee on Myanmar Transportation Studies Name: Mr. Aung Myint
E-mail: mes[at]
Nepal Society of Transport Engineers, Nepal (SOTEN) Name: Mr. Ramesh Pokharel
E-mail: ramespok[at]
New Zealand EASTS New Zealand Name: Prof. Jean-Paul Thull
E-mail: jean-paul[at]
Philippines Transportation Science Society of the Philippines Name: Dr. Karl Vergel
E-mail: karlvergel[at]
Singapore Centre for Transportation Research/Inst of Engineers Singapore Name: Prof. Qiang Meng
E-mail: ceemq[at]
Sri Lanka Sri Lanka Society for Transport & Logistics (SLSTL) Name: Dr. Thillaiampalam Sivakumar
Email: tsivakumar[at] or siva95[at]
Taiwan Chinese Institute of Transportation Prof. Chi- Chung Tao
E-mail: cittworg[at]
Thailand Thai Society for Transportation and Traffic Studies Name: Dr. Pawinee Iamtrakul
E-mail: iamtrakul[at]
Vietnam Transportation Studies Society of Vietnam Name: Dr. Tran Tuan Hiep
E-mail: tthiepuct[at]
Name: Mr.Sc. Vu Tien Sy
E-mail: sydoingoai[at]