EASTS provides two types of awards. The Best Paper Awards are given to duly-submitted original papers which are written clearly, easily, and suitably and are expected to provide significant contribution either academically or practically. The Yasoshima Yoshinosuke Prize is granted to the best paper of the Best Papers.

OCDI (The Overseas Coastal Area Development Institute of Japan) provides OCDI Takeuchi Yoshio Special Awards for Logistics Research, which aims to encourage research in the practical field of logistics and to commemorate the contribution to the logistics field by Dr. Yoshio Takeuchi, a founder of the OCDI.

For detail of procedure, evaluation criteria or Awarding Sub-commitee, see International Scientific Committee (ISC).





[Yasoshima Yoshinosuke Prize] (Best of Best Paper Awards)

“Analysis of vulnerability in multinational retailing delivery service system: A case study of FamilyMart and Circle K ”
by Yu-Kai HUANG (Nanhua University, Taiwan) and Cheng-Min FENG (National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan)

[Best Paper Awards]

– For Enlightening Asia-specific Topics
“State of the art of paratransit literatures in Asian developing countries”
by Veng Kheang PHUN and Tetsuo YAI (Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan)

– For Discovering Interesting Facts
“Exploring trip fuel consumption by machine learning from GPS and CAN bus data”
by Weiliang ZENG, Tomio MIWA and Takayuki MORIKAWA (Nagoya University, Japan)

– For Technological Innovation
No candidate

– For Institutional Innovation
No candidate

– For Theoretical Development
“System partition method of urban arterials to improve signal coordination”
by Xiaojun TANG, Fengmin LAN ,Shengchuan ZHAO and Lihui ZHANG (Dalian University of Technology & Zhejiang University, China)

-For Methodological Development
“Dynamic journey time estimation in stochastic road networks with uncertainty”
by Qiong TANG, Xingang LI, William H.K. LAM and H.W. HO (The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hengyang Normal University, Hong Kong and Beijing Jiaotong University, China)


“A similarity-based self-evolutionary model for railway passenger arrival forecasting”
by Tsung-Hsien TSAI (National Quemoy University, Taiwan)

– For Best Application in Practices
“Impact assessment model of international transportation infrastructure development: Focusing on trade and freight traffic in Central Asia”
by Satoshi TANABE, Ryuichi SHIBASAKI and Hironori KATO (The University of Tokyo, The Overseas Coastal Area Development Institute of Japan)

– For Difficult Research Accumulations
No candidate

[OCDI Takeuchi Yoshio Special Award for Logistics Research]

“Motion-based energy analysis methodology for hybrid straddle carrier towards eco-friendly container handling system”
by Putu HANGGA and Takeshi SHINODA (Kyushu University, Japan)

The members of Awards Selection Subcommittee are Junyi ZHANG (Editor-in-chief, Japan), Mohd Sadullah, AHMAD FARHAN (malaysia), Jaisung CHOI (Korea), Alexander ERATH (Singapore), Tao FENG (Netherlands), Hironori KATO (Japan), Hussein S. LIDASAN (Philippines), Bhargab MAITRA (India), Qiang MENG (Singapore), Jing SHI (China), Wai Yuen SZETO (Hong Kong), Bagus Hario SETIADJI (Indonesia), Guohua SONG (China), Ofyar Zainuddin TAMIN (Indonesia), Louis Chien-Hung WEI (Taiwan), Makoto CHIKARAISHI (Japan) and Hajime SEYA (Japan).





[Yasoshima Yoshinosuke Prize] (Best of Best Paper Awards)

“Design of Transportation Service Auction under Time-cost Environment”
by Suthatip PUEBOOBPAPHAN and Nakorn INDRA-PRAYOONG (Burapha University, Thailand)

[Best Paper Awards]

– For Enlightening Asia-specific Topics
“A Study on the Use of Smartphones for Road Roughness Condition Estimation”
by Viengnam DOUANGPHACHANH and Hiroyuki ONEYAMA (Tokyo Metropoiltan University, Japan)

– For Discovering Interesting Facts
“Upward Safety Communication and Safety Behavior of Cabin Crew”
by Ching-Fu CHEN and Shu-Chuan CHEN (Aletheia University, Taiwan)

– For Technological Innovation
“A Numerical Study on the Influence of Aggregate Size on Skid Resistance Performance of Porous Pavements”
by Lei ZHANG, Ghim Ping ONG and Tien Fang FWA (National University of Singapore, Singapore)

– For Institutional Innovation
“Cross-sector Transportation Authority for Jakarta Metropolitan Area”
by Hirohisa KAWAGUCHI (Oriental Consultants Co., Ltd., Japan), Keigo HAMADA (Kobe City Urban Dev. Corp., Japan), Tomokazu WACHI (Oriental Consultants Co., Ltd., Japan), Osamu ABE (Value Planning International, Inc., Japan), Sadayuki YAGI (Japan Research Ins., Japan) and A. ALDIAN (The World Bank, Indonesia)

– For Theoretical Development
“Possibility of Crosswalk Design Independent from Signals at Basic Road Sections”
by Akihiro TANAKA and Kiichiro HATOYAMA (The University of Tokyo, Japan)

-For Methodological Development
“Analyses of Route Choice and Route Switching Behavior Using Panel ETC Data from Tokyo Metropolitan Expressway”
by Tawin TIRATANAPAKHOM, Takashi OGUCHI, Shinji TANAKA, Sungjoon HONG and Hiroshi WARITA (The University of Tokyo, Japan)


“Smile and Behavior – New Evaluation Method for Pedestrian Environment”
by Aya KOJIMA, Taichi FUDAMOTO, Miho OKUMA and Hisashi KUBOTA (Saitama University, Japan)

– For Difficult Research Accumulations
“Introducing High Speed Rail (HSR) System in Developing Asia: Issues and Prospects”
by Surya Raj ACHARYA and Shigeru MORICHI (Institute for Transport Policy Studies, Japan)




[Yasoshima Yoshinosuke Prize]

“Development of Proposed Performance Grading System for Asphalt Binder Used in Thailand”
by Nattaporn CHAROENTHAM and Kunnawee KANITPONG

[Best Paper Awards]

1. Best paper award for enlightening Asia-specific topics
“An Exploratory Study on the Feasibility of Electric Jeepneys as a Public Transport Mode”
by Jose Regin F. REGIDOR and Ma. Andreilyn M. ESPIRITU

2. Best paper award for discovering interesting facts
“Empirical Analysis on the Effect of Gross Vehicle Weight and Vehicle Size on Speed in Car Following Situation”
by Ahmad SAIFIZUL Abdullah, Mohamed Rehan KARIM, Hideo YAMANAKA and Masashi OKUSHIMA

“A Study on Influences of Long Tunnel Landscape Images on Driver Response through Virtual Driving Experiment”
by Joohee KIM, Soobeom LEE, Jiyeon HONG, Joonbum LIM, Byung Keum SONG and Wonchul KIM

3. Best paper award for technological innovation
Yasoshima Yoshinosuke Prize

4. Best paper award for institutional innovation

5. Best paper award for theoretical development
“Optimal Locations of License Plate Recognition to Enhance the Origin-Destination Matrix Estimation”
by Yu-Chiun CHIOU, Lawrence W. LAN, Chun-Ming TSENG and Chih-Chao FAN

“Optimization of Housing Allocation and Transport Emissions Using Continuum Modeling Approach”
by Jun YIN, S.C. WONG and N.N. SZE

6. Best paper award for methodological development
“Impact Analysis of Work Zone Configuration, Traffic Flow and Heavy Vehicle Percentage on Traffic Delay at Work Zones”
by Qiang MENG and Jinxian WENG

“Exact Solution for Vehicle Routing Problem with Soft Time Windows and Dynamic Travel Time”
by Ali Gul QURESHI, Eiichi TANIGUCHI and Tadashi YAMADA

7. Best paper award for best application in practices
“Future Forecast of Trade Amount and International Cargo Flow in the APEC Region: An Application of Trade-Logistics Forecasting Model”
by Ryuichi SHIBASAKI and Tomihiro WATANABE

8. Best paper award for difficult research accumulations




[Yasoshima Yoshinosuke Prize]

“Exploring Traffic Features with Stationary and Moving Bottlenecks Using Refined Cellular Automata”
by HSU Chih-Cheng, LIN Zih-Shin, CHIOU Yu-Chiun and LAN Lawrence

[Best Paper Awards]

“A Train Service Planning Model with Dynamic Demand for Intercity Railway Systems”
by Jyh-Cherng JONG and Chian-Shan SUEN

“Dynamic Time Domain Back calculation of LTPP Test ites”
by Ming-Lou LIU, Jui-Chang CHUANG and Hsiao-Yuan LIAO

“A Design of Optimal Marshalling Yard Location Model Considering Rail Freight Hub Network Properties”
by LEE Jin su, CHON Kyung soo and KIM Dong kyu

“Development of Road Safety Estimation Method Based on Human Engineering”
by Lee Soobeom, Kim Jangwook and Lee Sooil

“Traffic Accident Costing for Thailand”

“Managing Motorization & Timing of Mass Rapid Transit in East Asian Megacities”
by Acharya Surya Raj




Yasoshima Prize
“Evaluating Sustainability of Urban Development in Developing Countries Incorporating Dynamic Cause-Effect Relationships over Time”
by Akimasa FUJIWARA, Junyi ZHANG, Backjin LEE and M.R.M. DA CRUZ

Best Paper Award
“Street Space Renaissance: A Spatio-Historical Survey of Two Asian Cities”
by Iderlina Mateo BABIANO and Hitoshi IEDA

“Impact of Road Pricing on the Network Reliability”
by K.S. CHAN and William H. K. LAM

“Equitable network design”
by Richard CONNORS, Agachai SUMALEE and David WATLING

“Evaluating Public Transit Congestion Mitigation Measures using a Passenger Assignment Model”
by Hiroshi SHIMAMOTO, Fumitaka KURAUCHI, Yasunori IIDA, Michael.G.H.BELL and Jan-Dirk SCHMOCKER

“Analysis of Policy and Regulation on Build-operate-transfer Scheme: A Case Study of the Banong-Kanchanaburi Motorway in Thailand”
by Kitti SUBPRASOM and Anthony CHEN

“A Study on Emergency Evacuation and Rescue Network Reconstruction for Natural Disasters with Multi-Class Users Travel Behavior Constraints”
by Chung-Yung WANG and Shou-Ren HU


Yasoshima Prize
“Visibility Assessment of Rear Lamps in Daytime Fog”
by Toru Hagiwara, Ken’etsu Uchida, Takeo Adachi, Seiichi Kagaya, Muraleethan Thmbiah and Ayako Mori

Best Paper Award
“Time-dependent Transport Network Design: A Study on Budget Sensitivity”
by Hong K. Lo and Wai Yuen Szeto, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

“Travel Time Reliability in a Network with Dependent Link Modes and Partial Driver Response”
by Agachai Sumalee and David Watling, University of Leeds

“Integrated Multi-Nodal Traffic Network Systems”
by Nikolaos Vogiatzis, Hideto Ikeda, Jeremy Woolley and Yu He, University of South Australia