Journal of the Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies, Vol.4, No.4 (2001) – Urban Road System

Title Author(s) page
(1) Tratric Impact Due to Incident on Expressway: A Case Study of the Bangkok’s First and Second Stage Expressway System Sorawit NARUPH and Channarong JANSAKSRI 1
(2) Evaluation of Pedestrian Facilities at Signalized Intersections in Metro Manila Melandrd B. TAVANT-AR and Crispin Emmanuel D.DIAZ 15
(3)Structure Analysis on Residents’ Participation Consciousness for the Project of Improving Residential Streets Motohiro FUJITA, Shunichi YAII{AOKA and Hiroshi MAISUI 29
(4) An Incident Detection Technique Using a Discrete Choice Model Young-Ihn LEE and Zun-Hwan HWANG 45
(5) Determining Quad Gate Operation T’res Utilizing Traffic Simulation of Shock Wave at Highway-Rail Intersections Young J. MOON and Kwan-Soo LIM 57
(6) Measuring Effect of Intelligent Transporting Systems Using NN-CA Traffic Simulator Keiichi SASAKI Takafumi MIYOSHI, Tohru TIA,MURA and Kazuo SAIT0 71
(7) Optimal Ramp Metering Strategy with Dynamic Route Choice Behavior Yongtaek LIM, Hyunmyung KIM and Keechoo CHOI 83
(8) A Traffic Control Strategy for Congested Exit-Ramp Area in Seoul Ring-Road Youngchan KIM, Daeho KIM, Cheoulki LEE and Hyejung HU 95
(9) On-Line Traffic Signal Control Scheme with Real-Time Delay Estimation Technology Henry X. LIU, Jun-Seok OH, Seri OH and Lianyu CHU 107
(10)Development of a HIIS (Hardware-in-the-lnop Simulation) for Traffic Signal Control Systems Young-Ihn LEE, Y-Rae KIM and Dong-Hee HAN 121
(11)Group-Based Optimization of Signal Timings for Traffic Equilibrium Network S.C. WONG, C. YANG, C.O. TONG and C.K WONG 133
(12)Development of Lane Grouping Methodology for the Analysis of Signalized Intersections Tcheol-Woong DOH 149
(l3)Simulation Analyses of Traffic Congestion Alleviation by Demand Spreading Over Time Takamasa IRYO and Masao KUWAIIARA 161
(14)Assessment of Plate Numbering Scheme in Pusan: Citizens’Perspective Yong Eun SHIN and Jong-Sik LEE 175
(15)Kamakura’s Composite Experimental Scheme of TDM Hisashi KUBO’IA, Yoji TAKAHASHI and Kunihiro SAKAMOTO 189
(16)Analysis of Transport Demand Management Strategies for Mitigating Environmental Emission from the Urban Transport System Harun al-Rasyid Sorah LUBIS, Muhamad ISNAENI and Tatang Hernas SOERAWIDJAJA 203
(17)The Optimal Arrangement of Infrared Beacons on a Road Network to Collect Vehicle Trajectories – Pattem Analysis Using Schema Theory Ryota HORIGUCHI, Masao KUWAIil&{ and Hirokazu AKA}IANE 219
(18)Field Tess of Travel-Time Fusion Algorithms Utilizing Real-Time Data from Two Different Traffic Data Gathering Sources for an Advanced Traffic Information System in Seoul Chi-Hyun SHIN and Youngchan KIM 229
(19)Development of Route Choice Behavior Analysis Simulator Under Various ATIS Environment Chungwon I FE, Heewon PARKand Byungchul KWON 241
(20)Dynamic Traffic Control via Temporal Variable Message Signs Jun-Seok OH and R. JAYAKRISHNAN 253
(21)An Analysis of the Effect on Driver’s Behavior of Information System at Merging Section of Expressway Tetsuo SHIMIZU, Tetsuo YAI and Yuichi IUIMA 269
(22)Modelling of the Southem Expressway Using Paramics Microsimulation Software Jeremy E. WOOLLEY Michael A P TAYLOR and Rocco ZIT0 279
(23)Exploring Appropriate Urban Freight Transport Measures in Metro Manila Nashreen G. SINARIMBO, Hussein S. UDASAN, Primitivo C. CAL and Jun T. CASTRO 297
(24)Competitiveness Model of International Distri-Park Using the Virtual Value Chain Analysis Kuo-Liang LEE, Wen-Chih HUANG, Ming-Shin KUO and Shu-Chen LIN 313
(25)Study on the Transport of Fresh Fruits by Road: The case of Fresh Mangoes for Export in the Province of Zambales Robema A..BOLIGOR, Hussein S. UDASAN and Primitivo C. CAL 327
(26)The Effects of Global Logistics Strategies on International Freight Transportation Demand Kai-Chieh CH[A, Cheng-Min FENG and Chia-Juch CHANG 343
(27)The Feeder Scheduling Problem for Time-Definite Ground Delivery Common Carriers Cheng-Chang LIN and Dung-Ying LIN 359
(28)System Dinamycs Approach for logistic Model Based on Market Satisfaction ALVINSYAII and Sutanto SOEHODHO 371
(29)Optimizing Delivery of National Oil Consumption in Indonesia : A Case for Pertamina as National Oil Company Sutanto SOEHODHO 387