Journal of the Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies, Vol.2, No.4 (1997) - Traffic System Management

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Traffic Control and Its Policy
An Optimisation Method for Signal Timing in Area Traffic Control Kkeok SUNG and Michael G. H. BELL 993
The Optimization of kff-Tum Phase Sequences for Arterial Traffic Signal Coordination Youngchan KIM and Eon-Kyo SHIN 1003
A Comparative Study on Traffic Characteristics at Signalized Intersections in Beijing and Tokyo Huapu LU, Haiyan WU and Masato IWASAKI 10232
Analysis of Traffic Impacts of Department Stores Adjoining Major Railway Stations in Japan Kunihiro SAKAMOTO and Hisashi KUBOTA 1031
A Ramsey Price Equilibrium Model and its C-omputational Procedure Toshihiko MIYAGI and Takaii SUZUKI 1047
A Research on Applying the Genetic Algorithm to Replace the Hill-Climbing Method in TRANSYT-7F Model
Traffic System Management Chi-Hong HO and Liu-Shan LIN 1063
Attitude & Travel Behaviour Change using Survey Feedback : Insight from Dutch and Australian Experience Geoff ROSE 1083
A Technique for Incorporating the Effect of Changing Pattems of Travel Behaviour into the Traditional Transport Planning Paradignt Glen D'ESTE 1099
Effects of the Difference of SP Experiments and Transportation Circumstances on Transferability of SP Based Mode Choice Models : i.e, Seoul City Hun-ki LEE, Noboru IAMTA and Katsutoshi OHTA 1113
Predicting the Impact of the EDSA Mass Rail Transit on the Mode Choice Behavior of Car Users for Work Trips Nenita R JIMENEZ and Olegario G. WLLORIA Jr. 1123
Exploring the Potentials of Telecommuting in the Philippines with Emphasis on Employees' Perceptions and Stated-Preferences RolynQ. Z.4MBALES, Hussein S. LIDAS,4N andYoiiKAWAKAMI 1143
An Application of Multinomial Probit Model with Structured Covariances Tetsuo YAI and Seiji IWAKUM 1163
Long-Term Regional Requirements Clarified through Transportation Planners'Scenario Writing Masaya KAWANO, Toshinori NEMOTO, Takeshi CHISIIAKI and Hiroshi NAKAMURA 1177
A Comparative Analysis ofSurvey Methodologies for the Collection ofTransportation Planning Data Dolores J. MOLINIAS, Hussein S. UDASAN andYoji KAWAKAMI 1191
Accessibility Management As a New Response to Traffic Problems on Urban Arterial Streets Young-Jong KIION 1211
Towards a Sustainable Urban Traffic Situation : Traffic C-ongestion and Measures in Mega-cities Huapu LU andYafengYlN 1229
Implementation of ITS
An On-Line Traff,rc Simulation to Predict Near Future Travel Time on Urban Expressways ToshioYOSHII, Masao KUWAHAM, HirokazuAKAIIANE and Hirohisa MONTA 1237
Vector ARMA Time Series Models for Short-Term Prediction of Traffic Demand Tal 1247
The Application sf fnzzy I-ogic on Short Term Traffic Prediction for Automatic Toll Gate Control ALVINSYAH, Sardy SETYO and Sunnto SOEHODHO 1263
Assessment of Traffic Information with Stochastic Assignment Yongtaek LIM, Seungkirl MEK and Kangwon LIM 1275
Dynamic Modelling using Panel Data with Travel Information on Multi-Route Moon NAMGUNG, Soo Lyeon SUNG and Seung Hwan SEO 1285
Intelligent Transport Systems the Future Transport Solution for Jakarta Elly Adriani SINAGA and Iskandar ABUBAKAR 1297
Cell-Based Approaches to Automatic Vehicle locationing M. LAW, J. D. NELSON and M. G. H. BELL 1309
A Variable Threshold Incident Detection Model Hussein DA and Geoff ROSE 1329
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