Greetings from the ISC Chairperson

Dear Honorable Members of the ISC,

I would like to thank you for the works and efforts for the 13th EASTS Conference in Sri Lanka. I very much appreciate your scientific contributions for the Conference as Topic Group Chiefs, Chief Reviewers, and/or Chairs for technical sessions. In particular, although the paper review system is short of satisfaction, I carefully say that the review system has been improved in terms of review quality and support of ISC members.

As reported in the Closing Ceremony, the 13th EASTS Conference can be said to be another successful one in the history of the Society, with 381 papers in 13 Topic Groups were presented by participants from more than 19 countries. I would like to mention that all the sessions programmed in this conference and the papers presented in each session should be very beneficial and useful in shaping the participants’ research directions and creating innovative ideas for better transport infrastructure and system.

The ISC function for the 2021 EASTS Conference in Hiroshima will be transferred to the team from Taiwan which is to be formed early next year. As the essential pillar of the Society, the ISC needs your continuous support. I would like to express a sincere gratitude for your contribution to ISC activities for this Conference, and request your cooperation for the Conference in 2021 as well.

Thank you.

Dr. Jaehak OH
Chairperson of International Scientific Committee
President of Korea Transport Institute

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