Announcement for the publication of the EASTS Journal (Vol. 14)

Dear Authors of EASTS Journal (Vol.14),
ISC deeply apologizes for the serious delay of the publication of the EASTS Journal (Vol. 14) since we originally waited for the end of the review process of papers recommended to ATS Journal so as to include those papers rejected by ATS. This is the first time that ATS moves to Elsevier and all submissions to ATS are subject to an independent review process. We cannot guarantee all recommended papers could be accepted by ATS and the review process takes much longer than we expected originally.
ISC received many inquiries regarding the publication date of EASTS Journal from anxious authors. To respond to the authors positively, ISC decides to publish the EASTS Journal at two stages. Firstly, we will publish the papers accepted by EASTS Journal and those papers already rejected by ATS (a total of 152 papers). The production of the EASTS Journal needs 6-8 weeks from now and we will keep you informed regarding the publication date. The second-stage EASTS Journal will be published as the review process of ATS ends. We apologize for the inconvenience this might cause.
Best regards,

Yu-Chiun CHIOU
ISC Chairperson
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