Proceedings of the Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies, Vol.3, No.2 (2001)

Title Author(s) page
(1)PlanningandManagingTransportResources-TheCaseofaRoadTransportCane Delivery System Raluca RAICU and Michael A P Taylor 1
(2) Spatial Interaction Model Analvse. Using Metro Manila Traffic Flow Data Brian Canlas GOZUN 13
(3) An Efficiency Analysis of Transportation Management Schemes by Integrated Modeling Approach Hyunmyung KIM, Yongtaek LIM and Dongho SHIN 29
(4) Estimating Average Travel Times from Bus Travel Times Seung-Young KHO and Jo6ng-Rae CHO 45
(5) Dynamic Traffic Assignment Using Genetic Algorithm Under Dynamic Tlaffic Conditions Kyung Chul PARII Sung Mo RHEE, KyungSoo CHON and In Won LEE 57
(6) Vector Labeling Approach for ldentifying Multiple Reasonable Alternative Routes in Transportation Networks Dongjoo PARK and ShYam hl SHARMA 69
(7) Determing Cordons and Screen Lines for Origin-Destination'Trip Studies Hai YANG, Liping GAN and Wilson H. TANG 85
(8) Selecting Priority Junction Traffic Models to Detemrine U-Turn Capacity at Mcdian Opening A. ALDIAN and Michael A.P. TAYLOR 101
(9) The Prediction of Queue lrnglhs and Dclays at a U-Turn Sigit PRIYANTO 115
(10)Simulation and Speed Classification of Car Following Models Changmo KlM, Myungsoon CHANG, Youngjun KIM, Sanghoon BAE and Jaiyoung RYU 123
(11)System Dynamics in Traffic Management Schemes lskandar ABUBAKAR 135
(12)A Statistical Estimation of the AADT Using Monthly, Weekly and Weather Variation Factors Seungiae LEE, Namchul BAEK Heejeong KWEON and Daesoon CHOI 145
(13)Development of a Visual Simulation System to Investigating Motorcycle Traffic Facility Tien-Pen HSU, De-Shou YANG and I-Huan SHOU 155
(14)Dynamic Traffic Assignment Model Considering the Effects of Traffic Management Huapu LU, Peng ZTIANG and Ying CAO 167
(15)A Study of Mode and Destination Choice Model by Using Micro-Scale GIS Data Tomoyuki FURUTANI, Yasunori MUROMACHI, Noboru HARATA and Kasutoshi OIITA 175
(16)Addressing a New Equity Issue in Road Network Pricing Hai YANG and Xiaoning ZHANG 187
(17)Non-Work Related Travel Behavior of Mountain Area Residents 203 Toshimichi YAMAUCHI, Masuo KASHIWT\DANI, Yasuo ASAKURA and Eiji HAIOH 203
(18)A Study of Traffic Behavior in Rural Area Yoshitaka MOTODA, Yuichi TAKASHIMA, Yoshihiro HORIGOME and Ryuichi OIKAWA 217
(19)Comparative Analysis of Moming and Aftemoon Vehicular Occupancy Enter and Exit the City Center Pichai PAMANIKABUD 229
(20)New Housing Developments and Mobility Problems in Jakarta Metropolitan Area Djoko SASONO, Yasunori MUROMACHI, Noboru HARATA and Katsutoshi OHTA 245
(21)Travel Behavior Analysis under Uncertainties by Using latent Class Clustering Backjin I-EE, Akimasa FUJIWARA, Yoriyasu SUGIE and Moon NAMGUNG 261
(24)Study on the Influence to Urban Traffic Demand Structure with the Advance into Business Society of Females Tomonori KOHARA, Takeshi CHISHAKI, Yoshitaka KAJIIA and Yuho KUBO 271
(22)Analysis of the Shippers'Port-Choice Based on Disaggregate Model Miaojia LIU and Zan YANG 281
(23)Delineating Metropolitan lloilo, Philippines Using Traffic Volume Analysis Ma. Olivia R. CADAY-FILLONE and Alexis M. FILLONE 295
(25)Impact of Resolution of Zoning System and Road Network Definition on Route Choice and Road Network Performance: A Case Study in Bandung (Indonesia) Ofyar Z. TAMIN, Ade SJAFRUDDIN and Indrastuti R. OKIIA 311
(26)Altemative Solutions for Urban Traffic Congestion William ZHANG and Wen lnng YUE 327
(27)Study on Mixed Traffic in Vietnam and Proposed Solutious Nguyen Huu DUC and Tran Thi Van ANH 343
(28)Reintroducing Roundabouts as a Junction Conrol Device in Thailand Pichai TANEERANANON and Sarayuth INIAVICfIIEN 353
(29)The Evaluation of tocal Area Traffic Managemeot on Accident Rates Min XU and Wen Long YUE 363
(30)Evaluation of Dynamic Traffic Management Strategies for Urban Freeway Conidor Hun KIM, Yong Seok I(WON, Seung Pil KANG and Tchang Ho KIM 377
(31)Solutions for Mixed Vehicle Flow for Buoi lntersection Project in Hanoi Nguyen Xuan DAO, Nguyen Huu TRI and Bui Ngoc HUNG 393
(32)Effect of Hump Spacing on Speed Selection of Isoiated Vehicles:The Case of Exclusive Villages in Metro Manila Marloe B. SUNDO and Crispin Emmanuel D. DIAZ 409
(33)Performance of Traffic Signal Control in Saturated Traffic Conditions Sorawit NARUPffi and Panat POOKPHO 425
(34)Tratric Signal Control Based on Fvzy l-ogic and Radiat Basis Rrnction Neural Network Xu MINGHAI, Peng YUXU and Liu WEIMING 441
(35)Optimat Commuting and Work Start Time Distribution Under Flexible Work Hours . System on Motor Commuting Mitsunori YOSHIMURA and Makoto OKUMURA 455
(36)The CVO Architecture System Study in Korea Kyung-Woo KANG and Woong-Yi KIM 471
(37)Effective Policy of ITS for Seoul, Korea Kyungwoo KANG and Ikki KIM 487
(38)Aralysis on Walking Distance from Truck Loading l.ocations to Shipper's Yards and its Application to Planning of l.oading Zones Hun Young JUNG, Hiroshi TSUKAGUCHI, Jae Yeup JIN and Koji MSHIWAKI 501
(39)Models for Evaluating City togistics Measures Eiichi TANIGUCHI, Tadashi YAMADA and Yasushi KAKIMOTO 511
(40)Network Improvement and Geographical Advantage of Freight Center Makoto TSUKAI and Makoto OKUMURA 527
(41) Iogistics for Improvement of Fish Transport Efficiency to Consumers in Thailand Nara KHOMNAMOOL 543
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