Proceedings of the Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies, Vol.3, No.1 (2001)

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(1) An Application of Low-Cost RFID System to Taxi-Call Service Seongho KIM, Myung-Soon CHANG, Ioog-Hun PARK Chi-Hyun SHIN and Ikki KIM 1
(2) Tracking System to Automate Data Collection of Microscopic Pedestrian Traffic Flow Kardi TEKNOMO, Yasushi TAKEYAMA and Hajime INAMURA 11
(3) A Study of Non-Motorized Public Transportation in urban and urbanizing Areas: The case of Pedicab operations in the city of Manila and in the Municipality of Los Banos, Laguna Hussein S. LIDASAN and Marie DanielleV GUJI.I EN 27
(4) A Study on the Utilization Analysis in Bicycle and Establishment on Discriminant Classification Model at Pusan Metropolitan City Won Gyu LEE, Hun Young JUNG and Sang Seon KO 41
(5) Role of Two-Wheeled Vehicle Transport in Developing Cities in Asia Tetsuji MASUJIMAand Shizuo IWATA 53
(6) Characterizing Informal Transport Modes: The case of the "Kuliglig" in Region Philippines Minette Flora M. De ASIS and Primitivo C. CAL 61
(7) Planning the "New Honjo Station" of Joetsu Shinkansen Line Kazuki KOBAYASHI, Toshiki SAIT0, Soichi MIZOI and Jun YAMAZAKI 77
(8) Railway Track Performance Analysis Using Neural Networks Feng CHEN, Luis FERREIM and Jiang ZIIANG 81
(9) Development and Application of Yield Managemenr Srategies to Korean Railway Sunduck D. SUH, Kyungwoo KANG and Keunyul YrING 91
(10)System Study Assisting Decision-Making Plan of Using Vehicle in Chinese Railway (System Study Assisting to Adjust Empty Vehicle Distribution Plan) Xi ZIIANG, Kunzuo LIN and Zhongyi AIANG 107
(11)Immediate Effect of MRT 3 Operation on Bus Service Along Epifanio de los Santos Avenue (EDSA), Metro Manila Alexis M. FILLONE 117
(12)Evaluation of Bus Operations Using Performance Indicator and GIS Analysis: Bangkok Case Study Phol SUCHARTRUNGRUANGSRI, YoTdphol TANABORIBOON and Kiyoshi TAKAHASHI 129
(13)A Multidimensional Approach for Evaluating Bus Service Sutanto SOEHODHO 139
(14)Integration for Public Transportation in Urban Area Under Nanrral Monopoly and Competition Among Operators: A Case Study of Yogyakarta, Indonesia Marihot Marulitua SIRAIT and Danang PARIKESIT 151
(15)Hub-and-Spoke Nenvorks in Air and Marine Transportation between Korea and Japan Hidenobu MAISUMOTO 165
(16)4 Study of the Remote Areas Air Service Subsidy Policy in Taiwan Taih-Chepg LIRN and Ming-Tao CHOU 181
(17)Air Freight Network Optimization Ruey-Min WANG and Chun-Hao CHEN 197
(18)Cranes Allocation and Integrated Effectiveness Study in a Container Terminal Chin-Yuan CHU, Wen-Chih HUANG, Sheng-Chieh WU and Peilun CHENG 211
(19)Ports Competitiveness Evaluation - Case Study of Eastem Asian Container Ports Miin-Jye HUANG, Wen-Chih HUANG, Junn-Yuan TENG and Hsu-Hsi CHANG 223
(20)The Utilization of High Speed Passenger Vessel Jetfoil Route of Medan - Penang Triyono Widi SASONGKO 235
(21)Inter-Organisational Relations in Liner Shipping as a Cooperative Game Dong-Wook SONG, Photis M. PANAYIDES and Teng Fei WANG 247
(22)Simulation of Interactions Between Vehicles and Road Pavements Chuan Chao ZIIENG, Wen Long YUE and Michael TAYLOR 263
(23)Passenger Car Equivalents for Trucks and Buses on Highways in Thailand Sompong SIRISOPONSILP, Wirach HIRUN and Wisoot SANGARUNLERT 271
(24)A Development of Evaluation Method for Road Traffic Performance Bongsoo SON and Soobeom LEE 285
(25)New Technology in Road Management in the Philippines: The GPS and Video in the Centerline Survey Luz V. LAGUNZAD and Dir Linda M.TEMPLO 295
(26)Performance Indicators as a Measurement of Successful of Road DeveloPment Budi HARIANT0 and Yusak O. SUSILO 309
(27)A Methodology to Calculate Sight Distance at Skewed Intersections Considering Driver's Field of View Young Tae SON, Jin-Kak LEE and Sang-Gu KIM 319
(28)Successive Entrance Ramp Spacing Analysis Myungsoon CHANG, Jaenam CHANG, Jaesu KANG, Young Cheol KIM and Jeong Hyun KIM 331
(29)Oftracking Model on Horizontal Curve Sections Jaisrmg CHOI, Jongdae BAEK Seungjun I.EE and Weoneui KANG 341
(30)The Total Quantity Control Method for Highway Network Planning Zhou WEI 355
(31)Study on Road Rehabilitation Priority by Using SEPM and IRMS Modules and Provincial Proposal Budi HARIANTO and Yusak O. SUSIO 361
(33)The Comparison of Roughness Measurement Between N{ASRA, ROMDAS and MERLIN Devices for Road Maintenance Purposes Yusak O. SUSLO, Bambang I. SISWOSOEBROTHO and Sri HENDARIO 369
(32)Cipunegara River Aggregates Engineering Properties and Its Use in Asphalt Concrete for Road Pavement Material Bambang Ismanto SISWOSOEBROTHO and Chairal YANDI 385
(34)Multi Criteria Analysis for Prioritizing the Road Maintenance Program Rusmadi SUYUTI 395
(35)Joint Movement and Load Transfer Characteristics of Concrete Overlay Young-Chan SUH and Kyoung-Ku YUN 407
(36)The Implementation and Operation of a Road Asset Management System for Fiji Christopher J. TOLLEX Apisai KETENII-{GI and Philip E. SALII 419
(37)Development of a Framework of the Korea Airport Pavement Management System Su-Ahn KWON, Byung-Sik EOM, Young-Chan SUH and Hee-Chan MOON 435
(38)Performance of Asphalt Concrete Using 'Superpave' Aggregate Gradations Bambang Ismanto SISWOSOEBROTHO and Faisal LUKMAN 445
(39)Consolid System in Soil Stabilization Bambang Ismanto SISWOSOEBROTTIO and Hulman SINURAI 461
(40)Evaluation of Base and Subgrade Layer Moduli Using Dynamic Cone Penetrometer Jian-Neng WANG, Dar-Hao CHEN and John BILYEU 477
(41)Asphalt Pavement Analysis Near Bridge Abutments Chuanchao ZHENG, Xiang MA and Binggang WANG 493
(42) The Effect of Different Untreated Granular Materials as Base Course to the Pavement Life Aloysius TJAN 503
(43)An Investigation on the Rheological Properties of Rubberised Bitumen Abdelaziz MAHREZ and Mohamed Rehan KARIM 515
(44) Application of Advanced Mcasurement Technology in Evaluating Road Surface Quality in vietnam Nguyen Xuan DAO, Vu Duc CHINH and Nguyen Manh TRINH 525
(45) A Study on Parking occupancy of Residential condominiums in Metro Manila,Philippines Cecilia A. ORQUINA, Hussein S. LIDASAN and Jose Regin F. REGIDOR 535
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