Proceedings of the Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies, Vol.1 (1997)

Title Author(s) page
Some Particular Traits of Alluvium in the Lower Section of Red River in Vietnam Nguyen Thanh SON 1
Strategic Development oflntegrated Port Information System in Indonesia Bambang Sugeng S. 7
Effect of Container Berth Development -Case Study of Large Scale Container Berth Developmenr Naohisa OKAMOTO, Hideo NAKAMURA; Takao SATO and Masayuki DOI 15
Evaluation of the Urban Railway Service and Facility bvel -A Basic Study Focusing on Japanese Iocal Mehopolises- Ibzuaki HIMISHI and Yoshimasa TADENUMA 31
Mass Rapid Transit Systems Planning in Taiwan Metropolitan Areas Yi-chin HU, Yi-John SUN and Chih-che SU 45
Highway Safety Planning, Design and Operation - Problems and Possible Solutions in Developing C-ountries Jian-Shiuh CHEN 55
Optimal Technologies of Road and Bridge Construction for Developing Rural Road Network of the Mekong Delta Nguyen Xuan DAO, Nguyen Manh HUNG and Iam Huu DAC 65
Assessment ofVulnerability ofUrban Areas to Street-Brockades Caused by Quake-Collapsed Buildings Hitoshi IEDA, Tahtro MOCHIZUKI and Shul 73
Evaluation ofUser Response to Reliable Shortest Path Information Seungjae LEE, Byeongsup MOON and Kangwon LIM 78
Relationships Between the Members of an Extended Family of Traffic Network Equilibria MichaelA. P. TAWOR 97
An Analysis ofDrivers'Behavior on Speed Selection Kyungwoo K4NG and Donjoo LEE 117
The Traffic Characteristics in CBD of Major Cities in China W. G. WONG andH.Y. WANG 131
Charging for Parking at Govemment Offices to Reduce Passenger Car Trips: A Case Study of Seoul Metropolitan Area Sigon KIM, Jaehak OH and Sanghoon ME 141
Econometric Analysis of Airliff Passenger Demand Suk-HongYOON 153
A Study on Railway Terminals to Promote the Usage of Public Transportation Hirohide KONAMI 169
Incorporating Non-motorised Modes in Urban Transportation Planning Lal C.WADHWA 175
Forecasting Model for Commodity Flows into and out of Bangkok Wroat SNSUMPANON and Yordphol TANABONBOON 185
Characteristics and Parking Time Modeling of On-Street Parking for loading and Unloading in CBD In-Sik HWANG, Takcshi CHISIIAKI, Guoquan LI and Tai-Hyun LEE 195
Developing a National Strategy for the Road Haulage Industry in Malaysia Mohd Yusof fHj SULAIMAN 207
Modeling of Parks and Open-space Allocation for a l:rge Scale New Town Development Shinga ITANAOM and Hajime INAMUM 223
Modem Inter-Modal Terminal Development in Bangkok Samart MTCIIAPOLSITIE 231
Evaluation Method of Road Environment Conservation Measures 237 Hiroyuki ONEIAMA and Hirolumi OHNISHI 237
Empirical Analysis on the Relationship between Air Pollution and Traffrc Flow Parameten 243 Rene Val R TEODORO and Olegario G. WILORU 243
Financing lakarta's Mass Transit System 263 Iskandar ABUBAKAR 263
A Study on the Separation of Ownership and Operationership of Taiwan Railway Administration Chen-YuaaCIUNG, Wu-Cheng CHEN and Hui-Chun IJAO 277
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