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Journal of the Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies, Vol.4, No.5 (2001) - Environment and Safety

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(1) The Impact of Urban layout on Automobile Gasoline Consumption in Japanese Cities-Urban Consolidation Based on a Residential Scale Analysis- Mamoru TANIGUCHI and Taichiro IKEDA 1
(2) Development of a Basic Infrastructure for the Successful Compliance of Jeepneys and Tricycles to the Philippine Clean Air Act Nenet GRAZA and Haruo ISHIDA 11
(3) Urban Form and Journeyto-Work Travel Behavior Using Census Data From 1961 to 1996 Putu SUTIIANAYA and John BLACK 27
(4) Estimation of Life Cycle Emission in Road Development projects Kazuaki MIYAMoro, Masayuki KoIwA, Keiichi KTTAZUME and Atsushi suzuKl 43
(5) Analysis of Air Pollution Exposure of Individuals in the Road Environment Herbert G. EABIAN and Karl N. VERGEL 55
(6) Transport and Environment in Hanoi : Attitudes and Opinion Towards Environmental Policy Measures Jean Michel CUSSET and Luu Duc HAI 71
(7) Utilization of Geographical Informarion System for Simulation of rraffic Noise Pichai PAMANIKABUD and Marupong TANSATCHA 89
(8) Estimation Model of vehicle Emission considering variation of Running Speed' Hiroyuki ONEYAMA, Takashi OGUCHI and Masao KUWAII{RA 105
(9) Roadside Vehicular Emissions Measurement and Estimation and Air pollution Abatement Strategies for Metro Manila Rene Val R. TEODORO, Ricardo G. SIGUA and yoshitsugu HAYASHI 119
(10)Projection ofthe change in Technology and Its Implication on Environmental Emissions in Japan Gloria P. GERILLA,, Shigemi KAGAWA and Hajime INAMURA 135
(11)Identification of Relationship Between Embodied By-product Requirements and Domestic Production Technology in Japan: f985-1995 Shigemi KAGAWA, Tomoki ISHIKURA, Gloria p.GERILLA, Kazuhiko ISHIGURO and Hajime INAMURA 151
(12)Formulation of a car Taxation Analysis Model in Japan and an Assessment of Its Viability in Developing Countries Yoshitsugu HAYASHI, Hirokazu KAIO and Rene Val R. TEODORO 167
(13)Rural Transport Isolation and Health Outcomes : Resuls from the Swiss Red Cross Survey in LaoPDR Filip DE LOOB Deborah BLACK andJohn BLACK 183
(14)A Method to Create a GIS Network.of Footpaths and Cyclewayi - Accessibility Analyses for Children, Women and the Elderly Under Assumed Conditions with Regard to Traffic Safety and Security Mats RENELAND 199
(15)Assessment of Factors Affecting Safety in the Trucking Industry Jun T. CASTRO, Hussein S. LIDASAN and Hirohito KUSE 215
(16)4 Study of TCT at Zhengzho,t Yellow River Highway Bridge Rui FU, Lang WEI, Yingshi GUO and Yong LUO 231
(17)Examining the Factors Responsible for the Rear-End Collision at the Merging Section of the Grade Separated Crossing Hidekatsu IIAMAOKA, Hidetoshi YOSHIDA and Shigeru MORICHI 239
(18)Using the Characteristics of Service Time for Accidents in Police Personnel Allocation Pin-Yi TSENG, Chiung Wen CttANG and Ming-Pi YANG 251
(19)A Fuzzy Integral Model for Measure of Intersection Safety Pin-Yi TSENG and Feng-Yu LIN 261
(20)The Value Of Life and Accident Costing: A Willingness to Pay Study Amongst Young Motorcyclists in Malaysia Nor Ghani MD NOR, Mohd Faudzi MOIID YUSOFF and Radin Umar RADIN SOHADI 275
(21)The Use of GIS in Black Spot Studies Wen Long YUE and Miao Feng ZHANG 285
(22)Development of GIS Based Traffic Accident Database Through Trauma Management System: The Devcloping Countries Experiences, A Case Study of Khon Kaen, Thailand Danai RUENGSORN, Yordphol'IANABORIBOON and Witaya CHADBUNCHACHAI 293
(23)Sight Circumstance Analysis on the Intersection of City Area Guo ZUIAN and Hidetatsu HAMAOKA 309
(24)Developing Road Safety Audit Expertise in Thailand Pichai TANEERANANON, Peter WAUGH, Danai RUENGSORN and Yordphol TANABORIBOON 319
(25)Road Traffic Safety Analysis under Rapid Motorization of China Guiping XIAO and Baohua MAO 329
(26)Risk Evaluation Model for Traffic Accident at Four-kgged Signalized Intersecrionsl Dewan Masud KARIM, Hitoshi IEDA, Shintaro TERABE and Ryuichi SHIBASAKI 343
(27)Development of Traffic Safety Models on Indonesian Toll Roads Tri TJAHJONO, Ellen S.W. TANGKUDUNG and Unggul CARIAWAN 359
(28)Simulated Optimal Performance Design for Concrete Median Barrier Myungsoon CHANG, Jangseok YOO, Seogyoung IIAN, Hyung yun CHOI and Sanghoon BAE 373
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