Journal of the Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies, Vol.3, No.1 (1999) - Environment and Safety

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Computer-Aided Diagnosis and Prescription System for Traffic-Related Environment in Metropolises of Developing Countries Hideo NAKAMURA 1
(1) The Decomposition for the Sources of Changes in Carbon Emission Intensities A Case Study of Carbon Emission from Road Construction Work in Japan during 1975-1990 Mongkut PLANIANAKULUCHAI and Hajime INAMURA 9
(2) A Framework for Assessing the Risk to Transport Infrastructure from the Greenhouse Effect and Developing Adaptation Strategies Glen D'ESTE 19
(3) The Evolution ofTransport and Sustainable Transport Chaohe RONG 35
(4) Planning Method of Ecological Network and Road Hirofumi OHNISHI, Katsumi UESAKA, Hiroyuki ONEYAMA,Atsushi KAWAKAMI and Toshihiro KOSUGE 51
(5) Infrastructure Construction Induced Sustainable Development of Guangdong Province, China Chunlu LIU and Yoshito ITOH 59
(6) Urban Transport Development and Environmental Protection in Shanghai Xiaoyan CHEN and Ximing LU 75
(7) A Study on Urban Transport Cost Accounting: Sendai City Case Study Yasunori MUROMACHI, Noboru HARATA and Katsutoshi OHTA 85
(8) A Microcomputer-Aided System for the Multicriteria Environmental Impacts Evaluation: The City of Unley Case Study, Australia Pongrid KLUNGBOONKRONG 99
(9) An Approach to Fuel Consumption and Emissions Modeling of the South Australian Vehicle Fleet Rocco ZITO and Michael A.P. TAYTOR 115
(10) Development of Instantaneous Car Fuel Consumption Model Eduardi PRAHARA, Harun Al-Rasyid Sorah LUBIS and Ade SJAFRUDDIN 123
(11) Estimating Urban Air Pollution lrvels From Road Traffic in Traems Joseph Kwame AItruM and lrx BROWN 139
(12) A Benefit Assignment Method Generated through a Soil Transport Model Yasuo TOMIIA and Daisuke TOKUNAGA 151
(13) Simplified Physical Distribution Survey for Environmental Impact Assessment in Bangkok HitoshiIEDA, Atsushi FUKUDA, Kazushi SANO, Kiyoshi TAKAIIASHI and Viroat SRISURAPANON 163
(14) Development of Road Safety Audit in Thailand Pichai faNgfnaNeNON, Weeradej CHEEWAPATTIANANUWONG and Kittipol ASAPORN 175
(15) Traffic Behavioral Effects of safety Improvements at the Small Junctions in Neighborhood Areas Hideo YAMANAKA 187
(16) Introducing Road Safety Audit in the Philippines Luz V. L,AGUNZAD 197
(17) Analysis of Road Safety in a Small Provincial Rural Area in Queensland Lal C. WADHWA 209
(18) Study of Guarantee System on Road Traffic Safety Rui Fu, Yinsan Chen, Wei ZHOIJ, tang WEI, Minchuan LI and Yingshi GUO 225
(19) A Study of Computer Simulation System for Reconstructing Car-to-Car Collision Accidents Involving the Second Impact Lang WEI, Hirotoshi ISHIKAWA, Yinsan CHEN, Rui FU and Tao CHEN 237
(20) Automatically Tire Marks ldentification at Accident Scene Ying-Wei WANG 247
(21) The Relationship of Accident Rate and Operational Characteristics on Two-Lane Highways Koji URAIIA, Kazuo SAITO, Toru TAMURA and Yuzo MASUYA 257
(22) GIS Application for Better Identification of Hazardous Highway Locations Supomchai UTAINARUMOL and Robert E. STAMMER,Jr. 271
(23) An Evaluation of Methods for Identifying Hazardous Highway lncations Supomchai UTAINARUMOL and Robert E. STAMMER, Jr. 287
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