Journal of the Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies, Vol.2, No.6 (1997) - Spatial Analysis, Environment & Financing

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Physical Distribution and Logistics
The Analysis on Transportation Structure of China (The Relevance Analysis on Freight Transportation among Various Transportation Means of China) Xi ZIIANG and lun LIU 1737
A Numerical Method of Multiregional Freight Flow Based on Rectangular Modelling Hajime INAMUM andWroat SNSUMPANON 1747
A Hierarchical Calculation Method of Surplus Soil Transportation Model by Applying Dantzig and Wolfe's Decomposition Principle Yasuo TOMITA, Yoshitsugu IIAYASHI and Daisuke TEMSHIMA 1765
Spatial Distribution of Wholesale Industries in the View Point of Physical Distribution and Monetary Transaction Kazuhiko ISHIGURO and Hajime INAMUM 1779
A Study on Modeling of Truck's Behavior and Policy Analysis of Transportation System Management in C.B.D. Yoji TAIQIIASHI, Tetsuo IIYODO and Hirohito KUSE 1791
A Simulation Model of the Delivery Truck's Movement in the CBD of Osaka Hiroshi TSUI(AGUCHI, Yan LI, Fumitada OIURA and Tomoaki NISHIMUM 1803
A Study on the Estimation of Goods Vehicles Parking Demand and Planning of Goods Vehicles Parking Spaces Based upon Building Uses in the CBD Yoji TAK4IIASHI, Hirohito KUSE, Sangchul PARK and Jun T. CASTRO 1813
An Analysis ofTrucking Industry Productivity: using Stochastic Frontier Function Kyungwoo KANG 1825
Land Use and Spatial Analysis
Determination of Factors Influencing Iand Use Potentials in Hong Kong C. K WONG, C. O. TONG and S. C. WONG 1839
Development of I-and Use Transport Model (A Case Study) S. ANAND, S. V. C. SEKIUR and Mohamed Rehan KARIM 1849
An Iterative Method to Analyze Interactive Effects of Transportation and Housing Policies IKKi KIM 1867
The Impact of Transportation Improvement on Interregional Migration in Japan - By Using Cohort Analysis - ToshiakiAOKI, Hajime INAMUM and Takashi NAKAGAWA 1881
A Comparative Study on Counter-Measures for Multicollinearity in Regression Analysis Morito TSUTSUMI, Eihan SHIMIZU andYasutaka MATSUBA 1891
Coastal Zone Management within the Context of land Use Development Planning in Malaysia AziziAHMED TERMIZI and Haruo ISHIDA 1905
Applicability of Iand Readjustment (LR) in the Urban Development of Malaysia - Case study of the Kampong Bharu Malay Reservation land (MRL), Kuala Lumpur RokibahABDUL LATIF and Haruo ISHIDA 1923
A GIS Based Iand-Use Model dealing with Building Types by Small Unit of hnd in a Metropolitan Area Ibzuaki MNAMOTO, Nao SUGIKI, Takashi UCHIDA andAntonio PAEZ 1943
Energr and Environmental Challenges
A Decision Support Tool for the Fuzzy Multicriteria Environmental Sensitivity Evaluation of Urban Road Networks Pongrid KLUNGBOONKRONG 1961
A GIS-Based Method for Estimating the Environmental Impacts of Road Traffic Joseph Kwame AFFUM and Alan Lex BROIIN 1981
Development of Driving Cycle for Metro Manila Ricardo G. SIGUA 1995
Fuzzy Comprehensive Assessmenl,Fuzzy Clustering Analysis, and Its Application for Urban Traffic Environment Quality Evaluation Tao YANG and Xinmiao YANG 2003
A Study on Propagation Mechanism of the Vibration Due to RoaC Traffic Norio TOKUNAGA, Hirokazu IEMUM, Takashi NISHIMUM, Kiyoshi IIAYAKAWA and Atsushi MORI 2013
Super-Highway Traffic Noise Simulating Model with Consideration of Local Traffic Vehicles Pichai PAMANIKABUD 2031
Community Noise Impacts using a Network Noise Model and Decision Support Tools J. E. WOOLLEY and Pongrid KLUNGBOONKRONG 2039
Study on Characteristics of Transportation Noise Sources in Klang Valley, Malaysia Sumiani WSOFF and Mohamed, Rehan K4RIM 2053
Air Pollution Assessment Applying GIS Integated System Myoung-Young PIOR and Omar OSMAN 2071
Privatization and Financing
A Critical Review ofTransport Investment Appraisal Practices in Korea Seungbum AHN and Jaehak OH 2083
The Effectiveness of Congestion Pricing in Seoul -The Case of Namsan 1&3 Tunnels in CBD- KeeYeon HWANG and Bongsoo SON 2099
Financing Rural Feeder Road Maintenance in Bangladesh : Towards a Sustainable Approach A. K FarhadAHMED 2117
Financial Assessment of Fully Automatic Urban Mass Transit Systems Tzu-PaoYANG 2131
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