Journal of the Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies, Vol.2, No.5 (1997) - Public Transport & Road Safety

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Public Transportation and Its Policy
Effects of Subway Development on Commuters' Transportation Mode Choice in a City of Japan Keiichi KIIADUME and Kaataki MIYAMOTO 1347
An Evaluation ofthe Quality ofService and C-osrEffectiveness ofSpecial Transport Service in the Tokyo Metropolitan Area Yeonsik SHIN, Hitoshi YAMAKAWA and Tetsuo AKIYAMA 1357
Designing Sustainability into Mass Transit Rene S. SANTAGO 1371
User-Operator Based Model for Optimal Scheduling of Public Transport Systems Sutanto SOEHODHO and NAHRY 1383
Introducing a New Public Transport Mode for Middle Cities in Indonesia RusmadiSUWTI 1399
Rural Transport Planning in Developing Countries : Gender and Social Class Bias A. K Farhad AHMED 1409
Current Situation and Future Prospect of Transportation Sector in LAO P.D.R. Khammoune BOUAPIIANH and Souraxay PHOUMMAVONG 1429
Role of Transit Priority in City Development Ximing LU and Xiaoyan CHEN 1437
Viet Nam in Transition : Training Needs of the Transport Sector Nguyen Huu DUC 1447
Public Transportation and Bus Services
Existing Status ofHanoi Urban Transport and Solutions Pham Truong THANG 1455
School Bus Network Algorithm ... Bangkok Case Study Monghtt PUNTANAKULCIIAI and Yordphol TANABORIBOON 1467
Special Bus Service Planning for Improving Mobility of Elderly People Considering Travel Effort Yasutsugu NITTA and Gunseop DO 1481
Macroscopic Modeling of Bus Transport Market Considering the Modal Competition / Coalition and Its Application to Management / Policy Assessment Hitoshi IEDA, Ryoichi WATANABE and Crispin DLAZ 1495
An Assessment on Bus Trip Times for Metropolitan Conidors Shyue-Koong CIIANG, Ruey-Min WANG and Wen-Jing CHOU 1511
Assessment of Costs of Bus Transit Operations in Metro Manila Cresencio MONTALBO Jr. and Haruo ISHIDA 1527
Fare lrvel and Fleet Optimization of Taxi and Bus Operation in Yogyakarta, Indonesia Hisa MONSUGI, SulistyoARINTONO and Bishnu P. PARAJULI 1547
Paratransit and Non-motorized Transport
A Comparative Study of Bike-Users, Non-Bike-Users and Casual Bike-Users in a Medium-Sized Australian City Lal C. WADIIIJrA 1555
Differentiating and Reorganizing the Taxi Market and Its Impact on Users'Choice and Evaluation Kenji DOI and Tadashi YOSHIDA 1567
Application of LP and FLP in a Call Taxi Dispatching System Jongho RHEE 1581
Travel Characteristics and Modal Usage in Motorizing Southeast Asian Cities : A Case Study in Yogyakarta Tetsuo KIDOKORO and Hisashi KUBOTA 1593
A Study of the Bi-Directional Pedestrian Flow Characteristics in Hong Kong Mass Transit Railway Stations ChungYu CHEUNG andlry. H. K LAM 1607
A Study of Urban Road Network Evaluation from the Viewpoint of Pedestrian Crossings Masuo I(ASHIWADANI, Yasuo ASAKUM and lQtmiko YAMASHITA 1621
Pedestrian Safety in Korea Duk-Myung CIIANG and Karl KIM 1633
Pedestrian Characteristics for Sidewalks in Central Jakarta Endang WIDJAJANTI 1651
TrafficAccident and Road Safety
A Spatial C.onelation between Accidents and Highway Geometric Elements Kevin P. HWANG and Chi C. WANG 1663
Case Study in Accident Scene Reconstruction Ying-WeiWANG 1677
A Study on the Conelation Analysis between Physical and Psychological factors, using PROFIT Method Sang-Seon KO, Gi-Mok BAE and Won-Gyu LEE 1689
Development of Roadside Hazard Model Based on an Analysis of Fatal Accident with Fixed Objects Kazuo SAITO, Toru TAMUMYUzo MASWA andAkira KAWAMUM 17075
Effects of Drivels' [ge, Flow Rate and Some Other Road Environment Related Factors on Traffic Accidents at Four-legged Signalized Intersections YinhaiWANG and Hitoshi IEDA 1723
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