Journal of the Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies, Vol.2, No.3 (1997) - Network Flow & Demand Analysis

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Road Network Modeling
An Integrated Road Transport Nerwork System for Bandung (Indonesia) Olyar Z. TAMIN 675
Development of Genetic-Taxonomy Evaluator for Finding Shortest Path in Transportation Systems Sutanto SOEHODHO 691
Comparison of Some Reliability Models in a Deteriorated Road Network Yasuo ASAKURA 705
Formulating Cut Matrix and OD-Cut Matrix for Sensitivity Analysis of One-Way Street System Yuzo MASWA, I 721
Traffic Assignment and Modeling
Hybrid Route Choice Procedures in a Transport Network Context Glen D'ESTE 737
An Integrated Dynamic Traffic Assignment Model for Responsive Signal Control and Variable Message Sign Yongtaek LIM and Seungjae LEE 753
Descriptive Models of a Transfer System for Urban Expressway Networks Talumasa AKNAMA and lbi i YASUDA 765
Estimation of the Assigned Traffic Volume in Consideration of Signalized Intersections Ken-etsu UCHIDA, Shia-ei TAIC4NO, Seiichi I{AGAYA and Keiichi SATO 777
Transport Modelling in Asian Developing Countries Karl-L. BANG and Robert M. McLEAN 795
A Combined Stochastic Trip Distribution and Assignment Model HaiYANG and Qiang MENG 809
Traflic FIow Analysis
Investigation on the Minor Stream Capacity in a Priority Intersection WeiZHOU 829
A Simulation Analogy for Untidy Multikne Unidirectional Traffic Flows Banihan GUNAY Michael G. H. BEIL and Kiseok SUNG 837
Analysis ofBehaviors and Interactions ofPedestrians, Bicycles and Cars in Narrow Urban Shees Young-h KWON, Shigeru MONCHI and Tesuo YAI 853
Intemational Comparison Study of Traffic Flow Characteristics of Basic Expressway Segments Karl WRGEL, Shigeru MONCHI and Ricardo SIGUA 863
An Analysis of Traffic Characteristics at Freeway Merging Section SangGu KIM, ChangHo PARKand KyungSoo CHON 881
A New Simulation Method for Dynamic Traffic Flow Jia-Ming CAO, Henry FAN and Soi-Hoi LAM 893
Traflic Demand Analysis and Forecast
Application of Transport Demand Models for Inter-Regional Vehicle Movements in West-Java (Indonesia) Ofuar Z. TAMIN 903
Comparison of Regression Model and Category Analysis (A Case Study) S. V. C. SEKHAR, S. ANAND and Mohamed Rehan KARIM 917
Situations of Option : Modelling Worktrip Modal Choice in Kuala Lumpur Jamilah MOHAMAD 931
Public Transport Demand Estimation by Calibrating a Combined Trip Distribution - Modal Choice from Passenger Counts : A Case Study in Bandung (Indonesia) Olyar Z. TAMIN 949
A Stated Preference Analysis of Choice of Car Ownership in Hong Kong M. L. TAM and William H. K LAM 963
Regional and Temporal Analysis ofCar Ownership in Japan Tadashi ITOH and Haruo ISHIDA 973
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