Journal of the Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies, Vol.2, No.2 (1997) - Highway Planning, Maintenance & Management

Title Author(s) page
Ilighway Planning and Design Concept
Assessing Driveway Impact using Microscopic Simulation Models Dae Soon CHOI and Chi HYun SHIN 365
Quantifying the Intra-city Expressway C-onstruction Benefits within a China's City Zhong-Zhen YANG and Yoshilsugu HAYASHI 383
Perspective of Curve Combination
Road Maintenance and Pavement Design Luz V. LtlGtlNZAD and Theo Ten BRUMMELAAR 399
Repairing the Broken Transverse Connection Cables Reinforced Concrete Bridges by External Stress Method Bui Duc TAN, Tran Quang THIEN and Nguyen Van DUC 419
Some Affects of the Vietnamese Climate on the Reinforcing Bar's Corrosion in the Transport Constructions Nguyen Van LICH 425
Strengthening of Bridges using Extemal Post-Tensioning WitarnawanWAWAN andAlbert F. DALY 429
A Study on Comparison and Evaluation of Residential Occupancy Indicator in Pusan and Osaka Hun Young JIJNG and Hiroshi TSUIAGUCHI 447
The Present Condition and the Mechanism of the Urban Elevated Road Stain Norio TOKIINAGA, Hidetoshi OMATSU, Takashi NISHIMUM and Yasuo HINO 459
Improved Indonesian Procedure for Asphalt Design A. Tatang DACHL4N, K ZAMHAN, Tony STERLING and Tyrone TOOLE 471
Aggregate Particle Orientation in Asphalt Pavement Mixes Mohamed Rehan KARIM and John lL H, OLIWR 483
Thermal Stress Analysis of RCC-AC Compositte Pavement Hu CIIANGSHUN and Wang BINGGANG 495
An Intelligent Decision Support System for Road Pavement Design Brett LEMASS and lTilliamYOUNG 505
The Prospects for Utilization of Coal Ash in Road Construction in Vietnam Doah MinhTAM 525
An Assessment of Polymer Modified Asphalt Mixes Mohamed Rehan K4RIM and SulaimanABDULUlH 541
Road Management and Parking Problems
Parking Behavior in Central Business District -A Study Case of Surabaya, Indonesia Kardi TEKNOMO and Kazunori HOKAO 551
Structure of Car Ownership and Planning of Parking Facilities in Housing Complex Ki-Young LIM and Takeshi CHISIAKI 571
An Introduction of a Parking Desigt and Simulation Model Wen long WE and William YOUNG 585
Parking Tower Size Determination and Traffic Impact Analysis Jinn-Tsai WONG 595
A study on the Relationship between Traffic Flow Characteristics and Roadside Parking through the Traffic Simulation Model Hidekatsu IAMAOKA, Satoru UESUGI and Takeshi KUROKAWA 615
Calculation ofSocial Cost ofOn-Street Parking in Residential Areas Based on Time Space Occupancy Jangwon JIN, Noboru IARATA and Katsutoshi OHTA 627
The Institutional Framework for Effective Rural Road Management : Replicability of Bangladesh Model in Other Developing Countries A. K FarhadAHMED, M.A. KARIM andQ. I. SIDDIQUE 637
Toll Road Charging in Indonesia Harun al-Rasyid S. LUBIS, Hedi HIDAYAT, Henry ARMIIAYA and Aine KUSUMAWATI 655
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