Journal of the Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies, Vol.2, No.1 (1997) - Port, Airport & Railway

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Port Planning and Operation
The Comparison of Port Demand Forecast Methodology -A Case Study on Port Demand Forecast for Container Transportationllen- Chih HUANG, Cheng-Yi UU, Kto-Quan CHEN, Takeshi CHISIUKI and Chi-Fang YEH 1
A Simulation Analysis of Future Marilime Cargo Movement in the World Yoshituni KOBAYASHI and Toshihiko MANUUM 13
The Probability of a Ship Sinking or Capsizing Due to Ship-to-Ship Collision Reynaldo B. VEA 25
Determination of Yard Scale and Relevant Operation Facilities at Station Guoquan LI and Takeshi CHISIAKI 43
Containerized Port and Its' Operation
Optimal Determination of Berths and Cranes in Container Ports Wen-Chih HUANG, Takcshi CHISIIAKI, Wen-Hsioung SHIH, Miin-Jye HUANG and Sheng-Chi.ehl{U 55
Port Management Policy and the Influence on Behavior of Liner Shipping Company and Shippers Katsuhiko KURODA and ZanYANG 73
The Experience of Inter-Containerport Competition in Taiwan Wen-Chih HUANG, Yih-Ching JUANG, Ifito-Quan CHEN, Tung-Jung LIN and litan-Liang CHEN 87
Hong Kong Container Port : The South China Ioad Center under Threat James Jkitn WANG 101
Impact ofConstruction ofan International ContainerTerminal at Shanghai on the Container Cargo Flow in Asian Pacific Region Katsuhiko KURODA and Ying SITAO 115
Port Choice Selection Based on Cargo Physical Distribution (Containerization) for Export Promotion Meor Azb OSMAN and Hajime INAMURA 127
Airport Planning and Operation
Analysis of International Air Passenger Characteristics in the Asian Region TetsuoYAI, I(azuyuki TAIA4DA and Naohisa OKAMOTO 141
Regional Disparity for Oversea Tour Trips ofJapanese Shigeru MONCHI, Tomoyuki TODOROKI, Toru NISHIMUM and Ken F\IRUDOI 151
A Study on Airport Investme[t Prioritization Scheme Frlicisimo C. PENGILIMAN Jr., Toshinori NEMOTO and Olegario G. WLLORIA Jr. 161
Application of Fuzzy Mathematics to Airport Pavement Condition Rating T. F. FWAandA. MUNTASIR 181
Airport Access Behabior of Travellers under Risk of Delay Satosi YAMASITA and Katsuhiko KURODA 193
Analysis of the Impact on Domestic Air Passengers' Flow by Aviation Policy Scenario Katsuhiko KURODA and Mikio TAKEBAYASHI 205
Application of Genetic Algorithms to an Airline-Networks Scheduling Koji UMTA, Keiiti MSAKI, Toru TAMUM, Kano SAITO, Akira KAWAMURA and Hussein S. LIDASAN 219
Railway Planning and Operation
Railway Ticketing and Reservation System in China Yuanjin XIANG and Xiaoyu LIU 233
Research on the Chinese Railway Network Traffic Assignment Multiple Objective Optimization Model and the Improvement of Genetic Ajgorithm Ping HUANG and Zhongyi ZIIANG 243
The Introductory Plans ofI:bor-Saving Track on Soil Roadbed at the Lines in Operation 257 Kotofusa TAKAGI, Takehi*o UKA] and Wataru SATAKE 257
The Efficiencies and the Problems of Diamond Crossings in Metropolitan Railways,and Improvement of them Syoji KATO, Keisuke KASUYA and.Yuichiro HORI 261
A Study on the Freight Operating Strategy of Taiwan Railway Administration Chen-Yuan CIANG and Wu-Cheng CHEN 269
Urban Railway and Engineering
Planning of Mass Transit System in Chiang Mai, Thailand Samart RATCHAPOLSITTE 285
Development of Effrcient Operating Strategies Utilizing Cost Information for Korean Regional Passenger Railroad Service Sunduck D. SUH and Jae-Hoon LEE 299
The Minimum Headway of a Rail Transit Line Chi-Kang LEE 313
On Classification of Stations and Consciousness of the Passenger Conceming Facilities for Daily Life at the Railway Station in Residential Area Yoshitaka KAJITA, Takcshi CHISIUKI, Wen-Hsioung SHIH and Hiroshi TANUMI 325
Investment Criteria for the Improvement of Service Irvel in Japanese Urban Railways Toshiyuki OKAMUM and Hitoshi IEDA 339
Train Operation Control System of the New Transport System in Yokohama Kanazavta Seaside Line Genbei KOBAYASHI, Masaaki KUWABARA and Hideki MORI 353
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