Journal of the Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies, Vol.1, No.3 (1995) - Urban Transportation

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Physid Disilribution end Logistics
Zonal Transport Collaboration in Goods Toward Better Urban Environrnent -Its Potential and Barrien- Hitoshi IEDA 809
An Analysis on the Distribution Channel bf Consumption Goods and Effect of Cooperative Pickup and Delivery Service Yoji TAKAHASHI, Tetsuro HYODO and Hirohito KUSE 821
Basic Study of Urban Goods Movement in Metro Manila : An Assessment ofPhysical Distribution Facilities and Commodity Flow Patterns Rebecca T.GARSUTA and Hirohito KUSE 833
Schematic Clarification for Structural Changes in the lnterregional Trade Flows Hajime INAMURA and Viroat SRISURAPANON 855
Tna& Dadcpru4 Ccnpttitiar ard Moddhg Lmefirndal Tramport Sftens Glen D'ESTE and Ross ROBINSON 867
The Role of Information Systems in Establishing the JUST-IN-TIME (JIT) Type Trarnportation Hirohito KUSE,Jun T.CASTRO and YOJI TAKAHASHI 877
Paratransit and Non-motorized Transpot
Rural Transport in Bangladesh : Impact of Non-Motorised Transport on Households'Activity-Travel Patterns AKFmITdAHMED,S*gCAMPEITSmtdMAPTAYLOR 893
Development of a Simulation Program for the Evaluation of Jeepney Stdp Configurations with Focus on Single L,ane Roadways Jose Regin F. REGIDOR and Ricardo G. SIGUA 911
How the Wes Was Wcr : Birycles in lhe DcnEin oftE Car Ian KER and Mike MAHER 925
Traffic Safety and Traffic Accidents
A Macro Analysis of Road Accident Trends in Malaysia Mohamed Rehan KANM 941
Transport Safty Management ard Cost-Effectivencess Optinization Problem Takamasa AKIYAMA and Takaji SUZUKI 951
Band Information Reconstruction from a Sirgle Photo Yih-Ping HUANG, Ing-Wet WANG and Kuo-LiangnNG 963
The ApprcpriAe FngirEeffgsolutiqtsforlrprwirgTramc Safetyin DevElopngC.onrries Tri Tjahjono 975
Analysis of Perception of Hazard for Traffic Accidents Hidekatsu HAMAOKA and Shigeru MORICHI 987
Urban Road and Traffic Control
Cqrparatirc Snty ofTratrc Cqditias ad Rmd Capacioes in SqrE Asian Citks Karl VERGEL and Shigeru MORICHI 999
Sanraiqr Flolv Rae ad Passagpr Car Equivalents at Signalized Irtersections in Korea Dong I.HA 1019
Simultaneous Measurement of Saturation Flow and Pcu Values at Signalised Intersections with Mixed Flows Willy TUMEWU 1031
Propcd l,srrcl of Service Stardards forWalkwap in Mefo ltlanila Gloria P.GENLLA, Kazunori HOKAO and Yasushi TAKEYAMA 1041
A Strdy forPedesrian Signal Timing in Korea Duk-Myung CHANG 1061
Tracs : Traffc Adaptirze Cfitrrol System in Sall Young-Ihn LEE and Youngchan KIM 1077
A SUdymlhe Real-TinrRarp Control S)4sterninUrbanHighwaywitrGauic Algorithm Shigeru MORICHI and Tetso SHIMIZU 1089
Pcremial Applicatims of krtelligurt Transportatior Sptars in Singapore Ruey-LongCHEU 1105
Transportation and Traffic Models
Dispatching Policy ofVehicles for Public Transit with Overlapped Routes Sutanto SOEHODHO and ALVINSYAH 1117
Tratrc Assigmerft in a Rmd Network with Degraded Linls by Natural Disasters YasUoAMKURA udMasao KASIIIWADAM 1135
Hierarclical Curprqnise Model for Grorp Decisiur Making : A Case of Ports Siting Qin ZUORUI 1153
Analyzing Transfer Disutilities in Disaggregate Mode Choice Models for Work Trips Using Revealed and Srated Preference Data Marites TUAZON and Olegario VILLORIA 1159
Regional Topics in The Philippines
Relating Foreign Direct Investment and Trade Flow Leah Lydia Yap MENDOZA and Hajime INAMURA 1179
Effects ofUncontrolled Loading and Unloading ofJeepneys/Buses on the Capacity of Signalized Intersections Ricardo G. SIGUA 1193
Definng Ccrftctuty of Panel Survey in the Content of Developing Countries Hussein S. LIDASAN, Haruo ISHIDA, Takeshi KUROKAWA and Tohru TAMURA 1201
Discrete Choice Model on l.ocational Choices of Manufacturing Firms in Industrial Estates:The Case of Calabarzon in the Philippines Noriel Christopher C. TIGLAO and Asaichi MIYAKAWA 1217
A Study on Modal Choice Characteristics Based on RP and SP Approach in Metro Manila Hisao UCHIYAMA and Yuichi MOHRI 1233
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